spring 2024

What’s New at Homebase.

10 new and improved ways to get sh*t done and become an awesome place to work.

New ways to fix issues before they become an issue.

Find and fix missed breaks or unscheduled shifts faster with the new daily time card review.

Remind your team to add or waive missed breaks at the end of every shift for more compliance-friendly time tracking.

See how you can get more done.

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The most painless payroll ever.

Uncomplicate your payroll. Manage and pay your team more seamlessly across every location, shift, and pay rate.

Take payroll off your to-do list. You can now magically turn your team’s hours into timesheets and wages with autopayroll.

Give yourself an extra day to prep for payroll with the all-new next day pay.

See how fast & flexible payroll can be.

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Better ways to take care of your team.

Give your team more control of their money with new and improved financial wellness tools, like bill tracking and on-demand pay — at zero cost or liability to you.

Protect your business with more flexible Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Comp. Pay smaller premiums each pay period instead of a big lump-sum.

See how you can take care of your team.

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Kickstart your team with our New Business Kit.

Exactly the tools you need to quickly get your new team up and running.

Don’t go at it alone, talk to HR experts.

Get live support from our HR experts on company policies, employee handbooks, and compliance.

Make the most of your budget.

Keep track of taken and waived breaks, get alerts when your employees approach overtime, and set rules to prevent early clock ins or late clock outs.

Superpower your team with one app.

Make work radically easy with scheduling, time tracking, messaging, and payroll that’s built for hourly teams like yours—all in one place.

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