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The easiest way to manage your team

Whether you're looking for free scheduling and a time clock, or more advanced labor and cost controls, there's a plan for you.

Basic FREE Make scheduling, time tracking, and payroll quick & easy Per Month Per Location
Best for: Businesses starting up or just sick of paperwork
Essentials $9.95 Manage your business from anywhere Per Month Per Location
Best for: Businesses with teams always on the go
Plus $29.95 Control and insight to help your business grow Per Month Per Location
Best for: Businesses who want more control and growth
Enterprise CALL US The most advanced team management tools Per Month Per Location
Best for: Franchisors and multi-location businesses


Drag & drop schedule builder publishes to entire team
View schedule by day, week or month, by role or employee
Save & copy schedule templates for easy reference
View centralized availability & time off requests
Enable & manage shift trades
Forecast labor costs
Integrate with weather forecasts for smarter scheduling
Manage time-off through tracking & controls
Add shift specific notes and instructions
Approve availability changes
Forecast labor against sales to efficiently schedule
Track special events for optimized scheduling
Organize & publish schedule by department
Target labor costs by hour
Target headcount by hour
Generate schedules through auto-scheduler

Time Clock

Clock-in and out from web, tablet, or integrated POS
Take a picture on clock-in/clock-out
Unlimited break options (paid, unpaid)
Track workforce through mobile GPS time clock
Prevent early clock ins & returning from breaks early
Automatic clock-out option

Timesheets & Tracking

Track clock-ins, breaks and overtime in online timesheets
Total hours & identify timesheet errors
Receive a daily summary of activities and issues
Track paid & unpaid breaks
Store cash & credit card tips
Export timesheets to payoll to reduce time and errors
Edit timesheets with correct clock in/out time
Store timesheets for compliance purposes 90 days 4 years 4 years 4 years
Track all timesheet edits: see who has made changes, and when
Receive employee shift reminders to reduce no-shows & tardiness (SMS)
Receive late employee alerts to reduce no-shows (SMS)
Receive clock-out reminders to reduce timecard errors (SMS)
Stop overtime before it happens with text notification (SMS)
Use timesheet approvals & restrictions
Convert paid break overage to unpaid
Track time & overtime across locations
Export company-level time sheets for multi-location
Support multiple role types: salaried, multiple wage rates

Team Communication

Access to FREE mobile apps for both managers & employees
Send a broadcast message to entire team from the web
Message individual groups or employees from anywhere
Receive read receipts to confirm who has viewed the schedule
Add shift notes & employee instructions to the schedule
Record & share business performance through Manager Logbook

Business Management

Gather employee feedback at clock-out
Customize rules by location
View company-level dashboards
Additional General Manager role & permissions
Manage multiple role types: salaried, multiple wage rates


Labor costs as percent of sales
Actual hours versus scheduled hours
Shift feedback summary
Employee performance history
Actual hours versus scheduled hours variance
On-time arrival report
Labor costs by type, by hour & by department
Clock-in variance report
Customized reports
API access to tie into other systems


Spanish language tools and support
Phone, email and web chat support
Online training and webinars
Priority support
Dedicated account manager

Loved by owners, managers, and teams everywhere ♥

I do a lot of off-site events, like birthday parties. With the mobile GPS clock-in feature in Homebase Essentials, I can just have my employees clock in once they get to the event location, rather than having them clock in at the store first, lowering my labor costs.

Matthew Marcom

Franchisor and Territory Developer, Pelican's Snoballs

Pricing FAQs

  • Is your scheduling and time clock really free?

    Yes. We believe that every business should be able to move off of paper--not just the ones willing to pay $100 a month. We’ve built the best scheduling and time clock tools to help you handle the basics of running your business for free. We will continue to release new tools and services for businesses that would like to do more.

  • Is there any per-employee charge?

    No! Our paid plans are charged on a per-location basis. This way you don’t need to worry about whether your bill is going to change from month to month, or with changes to your staffing.

  • Is there any charge for the mobile app?

    Absolutely not! We will never charge employees. Period.

  • Do you have any special pricing for non-profit organizations or large franchises?

    We believe our pricing provides a tremendous value at every price point. But we know that businesses can take many shapes, and we’re here to help. You can reach us at

  • Do you offer a refund?

    If you're not happy, we'll do our best to make it right. Please reach out to us if you're having any trouble or are looking for a specific feature. If you're on a monthly plan and want to cancel your account, we'll provide a pro-rated refund for any pre-paid subscription fees. If you're on a discounted annual payment plan, we aren't able to offer a refund.