Restaurant Payroll

The Easy Way to Manage Restaurant Payroll.

Homebase streamlines the entire restaurant payroll process, so you can pay your team easily.

Seamlessly track hours & tips for restaurants.

Homebase optimizes complex wage calculations so managers can pay their teams with ease.

  • Automatically computes tips, overtime, and role-based minimum wages
  • Intelligent automation handles unique payroll intricacies
  • Streamlined process cuts payroll administration down to a few clicks
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Streamlined payroll practices for restaurant success.

Homebase has automated tools to effortlessly calculate hourly pay and tips while staying compliant.

  • Automate state and local minimum wage calculations with role-based tip credits
  • Simplify processes for gross pay computation, tax payments, and filings
  • Ensure accurate tip reporting with ease
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Make running restaurant payroll a breeze.

Simplify paying your hourly team with timesheets and payroll all in one place with Homebase payroll.

  • Instantly convert your timesheets into hours and wages in payroll
  • Automatically process your tax filings and issue 1099s and W-2s
  • Easily export timesheets to another payroll provider


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Picking a restaurant payroll provider? We've got your back!

Choose a provider that automates the payroll process, making it easy every time you run payroll.

  • Payroll becomes automated, simple, and error-free
  • Homebase runs payroll summary reports and prevents payroll fraud
  • Employees can track their own tips and wages with our easy app
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does restaurant payroll work?

Running payroll for a restaurant is tricky with tip calculations, overtime rules, and role-based minimum wages. Our software completely automates these complex wage computations so you can pay your staff accurately with just a few clicks.

Why should a business use a free time tracking sheet?

Time tracking for a team can be tricky without the right software. Most businesses use timesheets to track employee time. Timesheets are essentially spreadsheets, so it makes sense that many businesses use Excel timesheet templates. But with a free time tracker software like Homebase, you don’t need to worry about timesheets any more, or manually tracking hours worked.

Does your restaurant payroll handle tip pooling?

Yes, our app can calculate tip pooling across teams, shifts, or the entire restaurant and seamlessly incorporate pooled tips into payroll.

Can employees track their tips and hours?

Definitely! Employees get instant self-service access to the payroll app. Staff can conveniently view hours worked, tips earned, wage rates, and payout details at any time.

Why would you use an employees hours tracker?

Your employees will love Homebase time tracking on our free plan because they’ll be able to exactly how many hours they worked — and their expected earnings — right from the free mobile app.

Do you file payroll forms and taxes automatically?

Absolutely! After smoothly calculating gross wages each pay period our system automatically handles tax payments, filings, 1099s, W2s and everything payroll compliance related.

How can I track my time worked?

Start by subtracting the time you clocked out from the time you clocked in, as well as any breaks you took during the day. For example, if you clocked in at 8am and clocked out at 5pm, with a lunch break between 12pm and 1pm, you worked eight hours.

How do you complete a timesheet?

Luckily our automated timesheet takes the guesswork and difficulty out of completing a timesheet. Homebase automatically keeps a running list of missed shifts, missed clock-outs and missed breaks with our free scheduling software and helps you stay compliant without having to do any extra work. You can prepare your timesheet without a calculator and save hours every payroll period.

How does timesheet software affect productivity?

Most businesses spend about four hours a week on payroll, though it can be much more with larger teams. With Homebase time tracking and timesheets, you and your managers can cut the amount of time you spend on payroll by 75% — so you’ll save about three hours per week.

Why should I use automatic timesheets?

Automatic time tracking will save you hours every pay period on payroll. With an integrated and free time clock app, it’s easier than ever to track time worked for your employees. There’s also a desktop time clock available on Homebase paid plans that make it easy for your employees to save time on web time entry.

How often should you complete a timesheet?

A good rule of thumb is to complete your timesheet as soon as you can– but don’t worry! Homebase can help with that.

Should salaried workers track time?

Homebase works well for non-exempt employees too. Salaried employees — like restaurant management staff — often still have to fill out time cards.

What is a timesheet in payroll?

A timesheet is a way for employees to track their time, which makes running payroll easier, especially if you have hourly employees. A timesheet includes the time the employee clocked in and when they clocked out at the end of the day, as well as any breaks they took during their shift. A timesheet makes it easy to run payroll accurately.

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