Carol Wood

Carol Wood is the People Operations Director at Homebase, helping provide HR solutions for the over 100,000 businesses that use Homebase to make managing hourly work easier.

Prior to Homebase, Carol helped businesses navigate the tricky waters of human resources, working with companies across the retail, food service, oil and gas, and healthcare industries through her roles as HR Director at Fuddruckers and Achilles Group, a Houston-based HR consulting firm.


John Waldmann

John Waldmann is the CEO and co-founder Homebase, a San Francisco-based business that provides a free software solution to make managing hourly work easier.  

Homebase’s simple and time-saving tools help local business owners, managers, and their employees with day-to-day tasks like scheduling, time tracking and team communication.  

Homebase allows business owners to do their scheduling online and enables employees to punch in on a smart phone or iPad, rather than using an old-fashioned time clock, a far more efficient method of keeping track of hours worked.  Today, more than 100,000 local businesses — across restaurants, retail, services, and more — rely on Homebase to better control the hours in their week and the dollars in their pocket.