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With Homebase and Lightspeed you can manage your team
from anywhere in just a few clicks.

Scheduling & Time Tracking

Sync Lightspeed sales to build smarter schedules in minutes and instantly share them with your team. Turn nearly any device into a time clock to make payroll prep a breeze.

Hiring & Onboarding

Post jobs, manage applicants and build a great team all in one place. Then ditch the paperwork and onboard new hires online.

Team Communication

Get your team aligned with our built-in messenger, real-time alerts, and helpful reminders. Easily share information and track performance.

Time tracking built for your business

With Homebase, you can track breaks, total hours, collect tips, and manage overtime with our free timesheets and time clocks.

  • Turn (almost) any device into a time clock.
  • Customize timesheets to make payroll a breeze.
  • Get control of labor costs with overtime alerts and more.
  • Screen for coronavirus symptoms at clock-in to keep your team and customers safe.
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Ensure your team always has the up-to-date schedule

Save time and keep your team in sync with the free Homebase scheduling app.

  • Build your schedule in minutes and instantly share it with your team in our free employee app.
  • Allow employees to trade, cover and claim open shifts.
  • Keep your team aligned with our built-in messenger, announcements, and text reminders.
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Homebase integrates directly with Lightspeed,
to unlock powerful labor cost controls

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"We needed a system that integrates with a lot of other software, and Homebase does it all. We used to have to input everything manually but now it’s all automatic and we can spend our time on more important items."

Andy Sommer

Forth and Nomad

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*Must sign up and subscribe by Sep 9th

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