How Homebase HR Pro can help your business

  • Homebase’s HR Pro system gives you as a small business owner another option for human resources help instead of having to hire a full-time employee.
  • You’ll have live access to expert HR legal pros who can review your policies and help you create new ones.
  • With your HR Pro account, you’ll also be able to utilize our expert resource library for training and answers to difficult questions.
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What is HR Pro?

While not officially a small business legal advice platform, Homebase HR Pro helps support your business in terms of human resources—especially if you do not have an HR staffing team or HR legal pro hired at an hourly rate to help you on a day-to-day basis. 

With HR Pro, you can gain access to pro HR experts who can offer advice on small business questions. Our team of certified human resource professionals can review your existing small business policies, and even help you create new ones to make your business run even smoother and help you stay compliant under laws like the FMLA, the FLSA, workplace safety, blue laws, employing minors, minimum wage rules, wage and hour laws, employee rights, and more. 

Note: HR Pro is not an official avenue for small business legal support. If you have any serious legal issues you need help with, it’s best to contact a small business law firm that can provide legal services or help you set up a legitimate legal plan. 

Still, HR Pro does give you the help you need when in terms of HR advice on hiring, team management, maintaining legal documents and legal forms, and more. 

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What can HR Pro experts help with?

With HR Pro as part of your team management system, a team of certified HR advisors is available for you to speak with on questions on topics such as employee handbooks, scheduling policies, paid leave rules, and much more. 

If you have existing policies around paid time off, time clock rules, termination, or any other aspect of your small business employee base, our HR advisors will review them. They will give you tips on how to optimize them to make your rules and guidelines work better for both you and your team. 

If you don’t have an existing policy around a certain topic but are looking to implement one, the experts will provide guidance on typical best practices and rules on the subject. For example, if you want to set up a new paid leave policy for your team, your dedicated professional will help you better understand what the rules are in your area. 

They’ll also walk you through the different ways to distribute the paid leave among your team members so you can decide for yourself which strategy to choose. 

Asking an HR Pro a question is as easy as submitting a ticket, which you can then track. You’ll be able to view your submissions, see if the HR Pro has opened it yet, and then you’ll see the responses in your dashboard. 

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What else does HR Pro provide?

If you would rather learn to manage your human resources practices on your own instead of calling in for help on a regular basis, HR Pro offers on-demand training for important aspects of your business. 

Included in the HR Pro database are expertly crafted videos, tools, and content, to help you better understand a plethora of topics like hiring and termination, onboarding, recordkeeping, and more. 

Do you need help with your employee handbook? HR Pro will actually create a customized new handbook for your business and help you create policies to add to it. If you already have a handbook, they’ll review your existing one for a small fee. 

To help you stay compliant, HR Pro will send you the latest labor law changes on both the federal and state level so you can remain updated at all times without having to seek out the important information on your own. 


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