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Managing your team should be simple.

Say hello to Homebase.

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Manage your team from your computer, smartphone, or even your point of sale system.

Homebase puts all of your team information in one place.

Your employees can manage their work life -- checking their schedule, trading shifts, messaging the team, requesting time off, and even estimating their pay -- from their mobile phones.

Say goodbye to Post-It notes, text messages, “Am I working today?” calls, and a whole lot of paperwork.

Easy to use and easy to get started


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Add your employees with phone numbers or emails and we’ll get them setup.


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Build a schedule and download our time clock to start tracking time. Watch the magic start.


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“My hair turned grey from building my schedule in Excel for so many years. Now that I use Homebase, I am hoping the color will come back.”

Larry Green

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