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Manage and hire your team from your computer, smartphone, or even your point of sale system.

Homebase puts all of your team information in one place.

Your employees can manage their work life -- checking their schedule, trading shifts, messaging the team, requesting time off, and even estimating their pay -- from their mobile phones.

Say goodbye to Post-It notes, text messages, “Am I working today?” calls, and a whole lot of paperwork.

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“My hair turned grey from building my schedule in Excel for so many years. Now that I use Homebase, I am hoping the color will come back.”

Larry Green

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Best Point of Sale System

Make your point of sale system even better. Homebase works with the most popular point of sale systems so you can get up and running in minutes. You’ll get team availabilities, sales forecasts, weather forecasts, and labor costs all in one place, so you can publish your schedule in just a few minutes. And when it’s time, your team can clock in right from your POS device.

Easy and Fast Payroll

Homebase integrates with popular payroll providers to make it easier than ever to run payroll. We’ll compare your team’s timesheets to their scheduled hours, automatically look for errors, and, when you’re ready, you can export them to your payroll provider in just a few clicks.

Better Team Communication

With built-in team messaging, everyone stays on the same page. Team members can message each other, for free, on the mobile app. Managers can track maintenance, guest and other requests in the log book. And when you’re scheduling, you can leave a shift note that gets delivered with the schedule.

Hire Faster

Integrated hiring tools make it easy to find quality candidates faster. Post a job to the top job boards in under a minute and view all your candidates in one place. Pre-written job descriptions make it even easier to get the right candidates and help you spend less time on building a great team.