New hire packet: What should you include in yours?

  • A typical new hire packet template should include traditional items such as a new hire welcome letter, employee handbook, employment contract, health insurance and other benefit forms, and more. 
  • If you want your onboarding process to stand out, it should also include surprising items like a welcome gift and fun facts about your small business to make them feel welcome. 
  • Homebase can help you and your new hire hit the ground running by sending a new hire packet to them with all the application forms and human resources necessities before their start date.
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What should I include in my new hire packet?

After finding great candidates on the top hiring sites, conducting applicant screenings and background checks, and hiring a new employee, it’s time to start the onboarding process with a new hire packet. Your new hire packet should include all the necessary forms your employee needs to legally sign in accordance with state and federal labor laws. These include: 

  • Copy of background check
  • Offer letter
  • Equal opportunity data form
  • Employee contract
  • Form W-4
  • Form I-9
  • Direct deposit form

If you don’t have a human resources department, compiling this list of forms that must be stored properly after both you and your new employee complete them can seem daunting. Don’t worry—Homebase is here to help make your job easier by sending your new hire paperwork for you. 

When your employee receives the new hire packet, they’ll be able to e-sign the documents that need to be completed. You won’t need to waste time in the back of the business completing paperwork when they start on their first day, you’ll instead be able to get started showing them around your business. 

Not only will Homebase send your new hire the paperwork they need to sign before starting work, but we will also store the documents properly to help you stay compliant. Furthermore, if anyone needs to access them, they can do so easily. 

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What else should I include in my new packet?

Don’t forget to include an employee welcome letter giving them a few more details about your company’s culture and other information like your dress code. Are your employees required to wear uniforms on a daily basis? Do you require a business casual environment in the workplace? 

The welcome letter is a great place to inform your new employees of these types of details. If you really want to start things off on the right foot, you can also include a company branded gift, or “swag” as many businesses like to call them. 

It’s understandable to be intimidated by starting an employee welcome letter, it’s not as easy as starting with “dear employee,” and going from there. There are many employee welcome letter templates online to help you get started. 

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Why is my new hire packet important?

Your new hire packet is part of the onboarding process, which has been proven to be a crucial aspect of keeping employee retention high. It’s best to utilize a high-tech partner to make your new hire packet easy to compile and your onboarding process seamless. 

Homebase is the best solution to make your hiring process and onboarding process easy and seamless. Get started today and see how efficiently you can succeed at onboarding new employees. 

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