How to optimize your small business document storage

  • It’s important to implement an effective online document storage plan instead of relying on paper files to maintain your employee records.
  • The government requires you to keep certain documents on file for certain periods of time.
  • Homebase will securely store your employee onboarding documents in one easily accessible place.

What documents do I need to maintain as an employer?

While dealing with paperwork is a tedious aspect of running a business, properly storing important documents and setting up an effective records storage plan will pay off in the long run. All your employee’s personal documents will be in one place (that doesn’t include your home safe deposit box), and ideally, your storage solution will make them easily accessible.

It is important for you to be able to access your documents easily because you are required to maintain certain onboarding documents by the government. If you get audited you will need to prove you have these documents and are staying compliant.

The government requires that you maintain the following documents, some of which are completed during the onboarding process after you hire employees:

  • A copy of the employee’s application and supporting documents like their resume
  • A signed copy of the W-4 form
  • Employee’s authorization of pay deductions for things like benefits
  • Records that show changes in employee status, including pay changes, promotions, terminations
  • Disciplinary action records

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires you to keep these documents for one year, but there are also other requirements from the IRS. The following documents must be kept for at least 4 years:

  • Gross receipts
  • Purchase documents like checks, receipts, and bank statements
  • Expenses
  • Assets
  • Employment tax records

From employee personnel files to important tax records, a secure document storage plan is critical to remaining compliant. Instead of relying on paper documents, bankers’ boxes, or disorganized files and folders, Homebase provides an advanced security, cloud-based records management software that will store all the documents on your employee onboarding checklist and tax files securely.

When you store your documents with Homebase, you’ll have easy, real-time access to them through your desktop app and mobile device.

Why is online document storage better than a document storage box?

Important document storage should be secure. If you are not using a storage service and are relying on a file box to maintain your records (from tax documents to credit card files and power of attorney information) you run the risk of losing them to disasters, theft, and other unexpected issues that could arise.

Even a record storage facility with climate-controlled storage is not as effective as using a document storage company.

Homebase makes it easy to securely store your employee records like background checks, tax records, and more. We’ll even deliver them to your new hire during employee onboarding to be signed before they start on the first day, leaving more time for employee training.

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“We grew so attached to Homebase that I almost didn’t switch to a better POS system because I was worried about not being able to integrate Homebase. Luckily, we were able to upgrade our POS and keep Homebase - best of both worlds!”

Marko Sotto

Owner at Barzotto

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What is the best cloud document storage for a small business?

There are many options you can utilize to store your documents online, like Google Drive and other simple tools. However, these solutions do not provide a way for your employees to sign the documents in the first place, so using an all-in-one tool like Homebase is the best way to maintain your records.

Homebase provides easy-to-use tools you can use as soon as you start looking to hire new employees. We’ll post your job opening on the top hiring sites and include applicant screening questions to sift through your candidates. Then, you can message them and schedule interviews for candidates from all the sites in one easy dashboard.

Once you’ve hired your employee, you can use our file sharing system to send your new hire an employee onboarding packet that includes all the necessary documents to be signed. Implementing your document storage system into your employee management tool is a great way to keep things all in one place, ensuring an effective plan.

Why choose Homebase to help with your onboarding documents?

Homebase is the best hiring and onboarding software because it brings your hiring and onboarding together in one place. After you conduct a successful interview and recruiting process and find the perfect candidate, Homebase kicks off the onboarding process instantly, wasting no time or effort.

The winning candidate is added directly to your existing team, which is also managed in Homebase. That way scheduling their first shift is seamless, easy, and efficient.

Homebase covers all the bases of your new hire paperwork with the new hire onboarding packet. The packet your employee receives includes employment contracts, contact information, and any state and federal forms that they are legally required to complete. Once they’re signed, they are securely stored.

With Homebase on your side to assist you with your effective onboarding process, your new team member can finish the mundane paperwork before they get down to business. This way you have plenty of time on the first day to introduce them to your team and ensure they have a happy and inviting start to their new role.