Spend less time on timesheets

  • Easy to update anywhere

    Cloud-based timesheets track hours across all of your time clocks and store the data securely in the cloud. Make edits from your POS, your office, or your home.
  • Automatic calculations & overtime

    Total hours, track overtime, and subtract breaks without a calculator. Homebase keeps the running totals for you.
  • Automatically identify errors

    Homebase keeps a running list of missed shifts, missed clock-outs, and missed breaks.
  • Compliance tools to reduce your risk

    Get a text if an employee hits overtime. Get an email if an employee is going to hit overtime later in the week. Keep your timesheet records securely in the cloud.
  • Track breaks and tips

    Track paid and unpaid breaks based on your state rules. See cash tip declarations totaled up on your timesheets.
  • Easily export to payroll

    Export your hours in ready format so that you can import directly to your payroll provider. You can also provide access to your accountant or payroll provider.

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