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Free Timesheet App

Save 5+ Hours on Payroll Every Week

Free Online Timesheets

Free online timesheets make it easy to run payroll from anywhere in just a few clicks

Identify errors automatically

Homebase keeps a running list of missed shifts, missed clock-outs, and missed breaks.

Track paid and unpaid breaks, and even tips

Stay compliant without any extra work.

View your labor costs in real-time

See your labor costs and labor cost % in real-time from your phone or computer.

Online timesheets that do the work for you

Prepare your timesheets without a calculator and save hours every payroll period. Homebase automatically identifies errors, including missed breaks or clock-outs. You can compare to the scheduled hours instantly.

  • Total hours, calculate overtime, and subtract breaks automatically.
  • Identify errors automatically.
  • Export directly to popular payroll providers without any data entry.

Spend less time on timesheets

Track breaks and tips

Track paid and unpaid breaks based on your state rules. See cash tip declarations totaled up on your timesheets.

Automatic calculations and overtime

Total hours, track overtime, and subtract breaks without a calculator. Homebase keeps the running totals for you.

Compliance tools to reduce your risk

Get a text if an employee hits overtime. Get an email if an employee is going to hit overtime later in the week. Keep your timesheet records securely in the cloud.

Sync your timesheet data directly to payroll with the following providers:

Wells Fargo
Square Payroll
Bank of America

“I do a lot of off-site events, like birthday parties. With the mobile GPS clock-in feature in Homebase Essentials, I can just have my employees clock in once they get to the event location, rather than having them clock in at the store first, lowering my labor costs.”

Matthew Marcom

Franchisor and Territory Development
Pelican's Snoball

Homebase & GetApp

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Time tracking for a team can be tricky without the right software. Most businesses use timesheets to track employee time. Timesheets are essentially spreadsheets, so it makes sense that many businesses use Excel timesheet templates. But with time tracking software like Homebase, you don’t need to worry about timesheets any more, or manually tracking hours worked. Payroll is easier too, because Homebase also acts as your time card calculator. We’ll calculate hours worked, so your employees get paid accurately. We’ll also let you know about any timesheet errors, and you can compare scheduled hours to the actual number of hours worked by your employees.

Most businesses spend about four hours a week on payroll, though it can be much more with larger teams.  With Homebase time tracking and timesheets, you and your managers can cut the amount of time you spend on payroll by 75% — so you’ll save about three hours per week. And your employees will love Homebase time tracking, because they’ll be able to exactly how many hours they worked — and their expected earnings — right from the free mobile app.