Get managers up-to-speed with Manager Log

Share critical information from shift to shift

Put your important notes online

Pass information across shifts and managers without any confusion.

Integrate with your data

Write notes that provide insight into your daily sales results.

Improve planning by referencing past

Take the guesswork out of planning by seeing what happened before.

Stay informed even if you’re not on site

You don’t have to be at your business to know what’s going on with your business.  As your business expands to more hours or locations, you can stay in-the-know and in control.

  • Receive a daily summary by email.
  • View and edit notes from home, on your commute, or from anywhere.
  • Links to your detailed reporting if you want more information.
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Build a record for your future, automatically

Throw away the spiral notebook.  Each note gets linked to the day it was written and important metrics from that day. Who was on staff, your daily results, and even the weather. It’s easy to search old notes.

  • Integrates with your Homebase employee data.
  • Automatically imports your sales and the weather.
  • Navigation tools to find notes from any past day.
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Integrate your sales data automatically from these leading POS companies

Revel Systems
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“Manager log is huge for us. It’s the first thing I do to start my day. Having key information about guest relations, maintenance issues, and operations at my fingertips helps me to know where to spend my time that day.”

Lauren Baker

Operations Manager

Affected by coronavirus? We’ve got real-time data and resources in our back-to-business toolkit.