Manage Labor Costs

Track and Reduce Labor Costs Easily with Homebase

Homebase Helps You Manage Rising Labor Costs

Robust Labor Cost Reporting

Get detailed cost reporting and track labor costs as a percentage of sales automatically. Easily spot trends by role or department to manage costs.

Manage labor costs in real-time

Stay on top of your labor costs, no matter where you are. Track your sales and costs from any browser or the free Homebase mobile app. Even get alerts when an employee is about to hit overtime.

Stop time theft and labor leakage

Every minute adds up. Prevent early clock-ins and enforce breaks to save hundreds every month.

Forecast labor costs and reduce overtime

Keep rising labor costs under control. Start with added visibility into your budget with advanced scheduling and alerts.

  • Forecast labor costs and overtime automatically as you build your schedule.
  • See the weather and your sales forecast right on the schedule to reduce surprises.
  • Get a text message when an employee is about to hit overtime, or will hit overtime later in the week.
  • Save hundreds of dollars a month by preventing early clock-ins.
  • Track overtime across multiple locations.
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Get a handle on labor costs

Real-time visibility into your labor costs

See who is on the clock from your phone and take control. View your real-time labor costs for the day, by hour, and across time.

Understand and manage your costs

Schedule and track labor costs by role, department or shift type. Make sure every manager knows their labor budget before the week starts.

Automatically prevent time-theft and labor leakage

Homebase will automatically take a picture at clock-in, and prevent team members from clocking in early. The average Homebase plus user saves over $192 a month in prevented labor leakage.

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“My favorite feature of Homebase is definitely the Daily Summary Email. In a simple format, it helps to tell me what I had forecasted to happen versus what actually did. It has helped us to spot timeclock issues, which is important in managing our labor costs.”

Toby Roberts

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