Weekly Schedule Templates

A free weekly schedule template saves time in planning by enabling easy remote updates.

Boost productivity, reduce headaches.

Homebase allows you to keep your employees’ schedules organized with our easy weekly schedule templates and app.

  • Make schedule changes remotely when employees need time off.
  • Send email updates with the latest schedule version to all employees.
  • It’s more convenient than Excel or Google Calendars for managing employee schedules.
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Easy, flexible employee scheduling.

Configure your employee schedule week-to-week for maximum flexibility.

  • Add and remove employees from calendar templates as needed.
  • Track payroll by storing employee schedule history.
  • Provide printable schedules to accountants for accurate payroll/tax records.
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Accurately track employee hours without the headaches.

Don’t just estimate hours – use Homebase to track work time.

  • Track employee hours in real-time throughout the year.
  • Eliminates the need for manual time cards or paper schedule copies.
  • Access historical schedule/timesheet data to resolve payroll disputes.
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Build smarter shifts by tracking labor and sales together.

Sync your sales data into Homebase from the leading POS systems.

  • Clover
  • Talech
  • Square
  • GoDaddy
  • Toast
  • Upserve
  • Lightspeed
  • Revel Systems
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are weekly schedule templates?

Weekly schedule templates enable businesses to easily create and shift staff schedules. With Homebase, you can start managing your team’s schedule for free.

How does a weekly schedule template help my business?

Homebase gives you the flexibility to change schedules with our weekly schedule template, no matter where you are. This enables you to manage your business from wherever life takes you.

With Homebase, there are many features that optimize your planning process. We provide drag and drop shift scheduling, which allows you to create those schedules by employee, role, or time period easily and efficiently in only a few clicks. This way, you will have more time to focus on other business priorities instead of spending hours on your weekly or monthly schedules.

What are the benefits of using Homebase’s weekly schedule templates?

With Homebase, you can easily change weekly schedules remotely on any device, including an iPhone, iPad, or any other device. Plus, it’s free to use!

How do I track employee work hours accurately?

Homebase accurately tracks the hours of each employee in real time throughout the year. No more time cards or folders with copies of schedules! You can easily track everyone’s schedule in one place.

Pull up the weekly schedule for any day of the week and easily manage your team from the Homebase app.

Connect with our online time clock and calculating hours worked, overtime, and break times. Speaking of break times, we’ll even send your employees notifications if they miss their breaks to help keep you compliant in regards to every team member you hire.

If you connect your point-of-sale device to our app, and we will take things a step further by automatically forecasting your sales for each shift so you can have an even deeper look into the state of your business.

What else can Homebase do?

Homebase works hard so you don’t have to worry about working too hard yourself. From scheduling, time tracking, and communication, to HR and compliance, and even health and safety, we cover all the bases so your business can run smoothly and efficiently.

Get started with Homebase today to discover how connecting every aspect of running your business can make your life—and the lives of your employees—easier and more convenient. Sign up for free with Homebase today!