4 ways weekly employee schedule templates help your business

  • A free weekly employee work schedule template reduces the amount of time it takes to plan your week
  • With a weekly schedule app like Homebase, you’re able to make schedule changes remotely on your iPhone, iPad, or many other mobile devices. 
  • Sign up for Homebase scheduling today to get started color coding shifts and more with our easy-to-use employee weekly schedule. 
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Remote schedule changes to your weekly calendar

When emergencies arise and an employee needs to take a few days off (whether that’s for family issues or travel time), being able to change the schedule from wherever you are is important.

Employee scheduling apps like Homebase (which you can download on the app store) allow you to change the schedule remotely so that you do not have to go into the business whenever someone needs to take time off of work. You can then send out an email of the updated schedule to all of your employees so that they can get the latest version quickly and easily. 

When it comes to weekly employee shift schedule templates, Excel and Google Calendars don’t give you these types of convenient benefits. 

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Easy addition and removal of employees

When you have numerous employees working for your business, employees will come and go. You need to be able to easily add and remove them from your multiple calendar templates. The scheduling software allows you to easily add and remove employees as needed so that you can actually track your payroll at all times. 

In addition, Homebase will store all information for you so that you can track who was working for you at any specific time throughout the year. You can print out the information and turn it over to your accountant so that your payroll and tax information can be accurately accounted for. 

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Accurate employee hour tracking

If you’re looking for a weekly employee schedule template, Excel may satisfy your basic needs, but a weekly schedule app allows you to do more. For example, Homebase accurately tracks the hours of each employee accurately throughout the year.

This allows you to not have to worry about keeping up with time cards or folders filled with copies of the schedules. Everything can be saved in one place so that you can refer back to it at any time. 

This is important because there may be times when your employees think that they worked different hours than they actually worked. You can easily pull up any schedule that was added to Homebase to show them the exact hours they were scheduled to work on each day of the pay period.

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Assurance that all shifts are filled

When you track employees using an employee schedule maker like Homebase, you can rest assured that all time slots are filled on the schedule. It can keep you from being overstaffed or understaffed during any portion of the week. It can also help you track what hours each person can work. 

There are some employees who are only going to be able to work nights and weekends, and some who will prefer working during the day. Homebase allows you to schedule all of the different shifts without having to spend hours trying to remember employee availability. 

Using a rotation schedule? Homebase makes this strategy easier than ever as well. This will save you time and a lot of hassle in the long run.Once the software is set up, you can use it on a regular basis. 

Homebase will make staff scheduling much easier because it will only take a few minutes each week to create the schedules, unlike with Microsoft Excel, which takes longer because you have to do everything manually. 

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