Homebase Cash Out

Easy pay advances for your employees at no cost to you.

We provide your employees up to $200 of their paycheck early so that they can better meet their financial goals. This leads to:

  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved hiring capabilities
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Your team will love using Cash Out.

Elevate your business by giving your team a perk they want.

80% of employees are more financially confident because of Cash Out.*

  • Decrease your team's financial stress by giving them flexible pay.
  • Hire more effectively by highlighting Cash Out to applicants.
  • Grow your team's happiness and loyalty.

  • *Source: Internal 2021 Homebase survey of 1,700+ Cash Out users

    Get Started

Providing Cash Out to your team is effortless and free.

Employees interact directly with Homebase to setup and use Cash Out.

No cost to you

Cash Out is automatically available to all eligible employees with a bank account or debit card. No fees for you. No required upgrades. No surprises.

Our money, interest-free

Homebase pays and collects the advance directly, so none of your money is at risk. Plus, we never charge any interest.

Homebase handles everything

Employees setup Cash Out on their mobile phones and interact directly with us. Your payroll and systems stay exactly the same. Simple.

Watch how it works

"I recently depleted my savings after purchasing car insurance since I need to drive to work. I hate being late for any payments, so I've used Cash Out a ton to help me make sure I pay my bills on time."

- Cash Out User

Setting up and using Cash Out is easy.

Your team can start using Cash Out as soon as they are eligible.

How it works for your team.

  • Finish shift
    Once your team member works enough hours, they can access Cash Out.
  • Connect bank
    Your team member uses the Homebase mobile app to securely connect the bank account where they deposit paychecks.
  • Select Cash Out
    They select how much to cash out, up to $200 per pay period. The Cash Out is free unless they choose instant delivery for a small fee.
  • Receive Cash
    Homebase advances funds to employees' bank accounts and retrieves the advances from them on their next payday.