“This place is a true gem, and the perfect spot to relax at the end of a long work week.  I’ll be returning often.” — Brent H., Yelp Reviewer

About the business:

  • Type: Retailer
  • Based in Alpharetta, GA
  • Number of Employees: 7
  • POS System: Clover
  • Payroll: Heartland




Cutters is a premium cigar shop located in Alpharetta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Designed with a focus on the guest experience and premium products and services, Cutters is the perfect place for cigar smokers to relax.

Owned by cigar aficionados, Cutters offers “outstanding service and a friendly atmosphere.” And, for at least one reviewer on Yelp, a “great atmosphere and amazing customer service. Best cigar shop I’ve been to. I won’t go anywhere else.”


Before Homebase:

Cutters was using pen and paper scheduling, which was sufficient when they opened and only had two employees.

After Homebase:

When they upgraded their point of sale system a few months in, they also upgraded to Homebase (for free) to handle their scheduling, time clock, and timesheets.

As the business grew, and the positive reviews rolled in, so did the number of employees. Cutters now has seven team members on staff, which allows them to provide service that, according to one review, is “helpful, enjoyable, and a pleasure.”

Fortunately, according to Managing Partner Lou Ann, with Homebase, “It’s just as easy and fast to schedule six or seven employees as it was when we had two.”

“All of our employees love Homebase. We haven’t had a single issue.” she continued. “I really enjoy the convenience, and the fact that Homebase is online and available anywhere. I can be sure someone clocked in in the morning, and that someone is at the store when it opens. It also helps that the time off requests are automatically populated, and we can export our time sheets to our payroll provider.”

All of which allows Lou Ann and her employees to continue focusing on the phenomenal customer service and cigar selection that’s made Cutters the preeminent cigar lounge in the Atlanta area — now with a second location soon to come!