Does Cash Out change how I run payroll?

No. When an employee requests a cash out, the money is sent from Homebase to the employee. When the employee gets their paycheck, they pay back Homebase directly. You don’t have to do a thing.


Why is Homebase offering this service?

Most hourly workers live paycheck to paycheck. If an emergency happens and they have unexpected expenses, alternatives such as payday loans and overdrafting a bank account are expensive and risk putting employees in a negative financial spiral. Cash Out can provide a free or low cost way to access funds and handle emergency expenses.


How does Cash Out work?

1. After an employee clocks out of a shift, they can cash out 50% of their pay, up to $400.

2. The cash is advanced by Homebase to the employee’s bank account.

3. After the employee receives their next paycheck, the cash is paid back to Homebase from their bank account.


What does Cash Out cost my employees?

Employees can choose to receive their cash out within 3 business days (standard delivery) for free or within an hour (instant delivery) for a $4.99 fee. There are no other fees, and there is no interest charged.


What happens if my employee can’t pay it back?

Your employee won’t be able to cash out again until the previous cash out is repaid. If employees are unable to pay back the cash out, Homebase won’t engage in debt collection activities, sell the cash out amount to a third party, or report the nonpayment to a credit bureau.


What if my employees have questions?

We have a lot of information in our Support Center. They can also give us a call at 415.530.2863 or email us at


Do you run a credit check?



How does Homebase make money?

We charge a $4.99 fee for instant delivery. The instant service allows employees to get their cash out in their bank account in less than an hour. This covers our operating costs. But employees who want a completely free option, can choose to receive their cash within 3 business days.


Isn’t this just a payday loan?

No. Cash Out does not have interest or late fees, which occur with a payday loan. Furthermore, Homebase retains no legal or contractual recourse against the employee.

If a user does not pay back, they won’t be able to do a cash out again until the previous cash out is repaid.


Will I know if my employee has used Cash Out?

No, you will not know if an employee has used Cash Out. This is confidential between the employee and Homebase. As a reminder, Cash Out does not change or affect payroll.


Can I opt out?

If you would prefer that Homebase not offer Cash Out to your employees, please email us at


I have more questions.

Please email us at or call 415.530.2863


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