The 6 Best To-Do List Apps for 2024

As a business owner you most likely have quite a laundry list of daily tasks you need to accomplish at any given time: Did you remember to complete payroll? How about next month’s schedule?

Any great business owner knows the best way to increase productivity is to get organized—which means the first item on today’s to-do list should be to find the perfect task management app that fits you and your busy schedule’s needs.

That’s where this article comes in.

We’ve scoured the tech-sphere to bring you the ten best business to-do list apps available to help you increase your business’ productivity.

Whether you’re juggling multiple business ventures or just looking to do more in less time, there’s an app that can help you complete your business tasks and stay ahead of the game.

Before we begin, it’s worth noting there is no “perfect” business to-do list app that is going to suit everyone’s business and productivity needs.

We all have different needs and preferences, so it’s important to pick the business to-do list app that best fits your business and productivity style.

It’s also worth noting that our top business to-do list app recommendations are listed in no particular order, as they all have unique features and capabilities that business owners can benefit from.

Whether you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur with multiple business ventures, we are confident you will find one business to-do list app on this list that will meet all your business to-do list needs.

Before we go into our list of the best business to-do list apps, let’s first see what they are they.

What are Business To-Do Lists?

Business to-do list apps and to-do app lists are digital tools that allow you to track and manage all your tasks in list form.

If you’re a business owner, you probably have quite a few things to keep track of—from daily tasks and errands to big-picture projects and goals.

A business to-do list app not only helps you stay organized, but it also allows you to prioritize your to-dos, delegate items when needed, and keep track of all your deadlines—which in turn helps you manage your time more efficiently.

Also, most business to-do list apps sync with your calendar, so you can schedule out your tasks and stay on top of any deadlines. This is particularly helpful for business owners who may be juggling multiple clients and projects at once.

Now that we know what business to-do lists are, let’s move on to our list of the top 6 business to-do list apps.

6 Best Business To-Do List Apps

Here are the 6 best business to-do list apps that will help you get organized and meet all your business to-do list needs:

  • Todoist
  • TickTick
  • Microsoft To-Do
  • Things
  • Remember the milk

1. Todoist



Ever wish you had a personal assistant that was always available to remind you of your business tasks?

Well, look no further than Todoist, one of the best business to-do list apps available today.

Todoist has revolutionized business productivity by making to-do lists and task management as simple as possible.

The good news is that this productivity app can be used virtually anywhere on any device, so business owners can stay efficient and on-task no matter where they are or what business tasks they have to get done.

With business tasks organized into customizable project templates, business owners get to decide how they want to manage the business based on their business model—whether that’s by business project, location or business department.

Todoist business to-do list app also integrates with other popular apps business owners use, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Trello, and more.

With Todoist, business owners have complete control over organizing business tasks, setting due dates and reminders, and sharing business to-do lists.

Todoist has a free plan available, which is perfect for small business owners and new business ventures that are just getting off the ground.

If you’re a larger business with multiple employees, Todoist has a premium plan available that starts at $3.33 per user, per month.

2. TickTick

keep track of time


TickTick is another one of the best business to-do list apps, which helps simplify task management for businesses, teams, and individuals.

With TickTick you can easily organize, plan and manage all your business tasks from one streamlined dashboard.

Like Todoist, TickTick makes it easy for you to access its app on basically any device you can think of and makes it simple to add tasks with natural language processing.

TickTick takes things a step further, however, with universal keyboard shortcuts on the desktop version and mobile notifications and widgets that let you manage your lists on the fly. You can then organize your tasks with lists, tags, and due dates, and you can expand on them with sub-tasks, because we all know not everything is a one-step process.

What really sets TickTick apart from the crowd of to-do lists in the app store is its built-in Pomodoro timer that lets you start a 25-minute work session for any of your tasks. With TickTick, it’s also easy to collaborate with your team and delegate tasks in real-time. And like most of the best business to-do list apps, it syncs with your calendar so you stay on track of all deadlines.

There is a free version of the app, and a paid version that start at $2.40 a month.

3. Microsoft To-Do

microsoft to do

If you’re a big fan of Microsoft and Wunderlist this is probably the app for you. Microsoft purchased the Wunderlist app in 2015 and utilized the platform’s team to make a new app, and Microsoft To-Do was born.

The reason Microsoft lovers will rejoice when using the app is that it integrates deeply with the rest of Microsoft’s universe. Got tasks you need to transfer from Outlook? You can sync them to mobile with Microsoft To-Do. Are you an avid Cortana user? You can use it to import tasks, or you can simply type tasks into your Start menu and they will be added with ease.

The app itself is simple and clean and stripped of unnecessary design elements, which makes it easy to use for managing your tasks. There’s also an option to share your tasks with others, which makes it easy for you to delegate tasks and get them done more efficiently. It even includes a built-in reminder service that lets you set due dates and recurring due dates.

While there’s no macOS version yet, you can use the app on Windows, Web, Android, iPhone, iPad, and any iOS devices. The best part? It’s totally free.

4. Things

things planner

Apple users will rejoice over the elegant design and powerful features of Things. The app comes packed with a long list of reasons to love it—such as (seemingly) endless organization options, a calendar outline of your schedule, an option to look at your upcoming tasks, checklists for the finer details of your to-do list, time-based reminders, and much (much) more.

The app lets you create tasks and then drop them straight to your inbox no matter what device you’re using with the new “Magic Plus” button. This feature also creates headings for each to-do task when you simply drag and drop.

The best part is that with all of the features packed into the app, Things still feels minimalistic and easy to navigate, meaning you can easily plan your day and then get back to actually completing those tasks.

Things has taken the flipside of Microsoft To-Do and currently only offers versions for macOS, iPhones, and iPads, with pricing placed at $49.99, $19.99, and $9.99, respectively. However, you can partake in a 15-day free trial to determine if it suits your needs.

5. planner

If you’re the kind of person who loves the idea of a to-do list app, but doesn’t execute the practice very well, might be the one for you. The mobile app, which is available on Android, iPhone and iPad, and web, makes adding tasks, organizing them into lists, and adding due dates a quick and easy process.

You can also utilize the moment, which lets you glance at your tasks for each day and prioritize accordingly or see what times during the day you’re most productive and plan your day based on those insights.

You can also keep all of your important tasks and to-dos in sync thanks to the assistant, which works across all of your devices and ensures you’re always on top of what needs to be done.

This also allows you to easily work on your list of tasks no matter where you are—and there’s even an option to work offline if necessary.

The app also integrates with your existing calendars—and syncs with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, and any other service that you use to stay organized.

One feature that sets this app apart is the “Plan my Day” feature, which requires you to actually schedule a set accomplishment time and date for tasks so that you’re forced to actually do them.

If you opt for the premium version, which is $2.99 per month, you’ll get location-based reminders and recurring tasks, as well as the option to color-code your tasks. If not, the rest of the platform is free.

6. Remember the Milk

remember the milk

When it comes to to-do list apps, Remember the Milk has been the steady stronghold in its field for years—since 2005, to be exact.

The desktop version is great for users who love keyboard shortcuts and hate using a mouse thanks to its “Smart Add” feature that allows you to add multiple tasks in quick succession.

The app supports the usual to-do list features, such as viewing your schedule in an outline format or by day, prioritizing tasks, setting due dates, and working with sub-tasks.

The platform gives you several reminder options such as email, text, IM, Twitter, and straight from the mobile app itself, and it also offers integrations with your existing calendars, which means you can easily see what’s on your agenda for the day or week. You can create as many lists as you need, organize them the way you want to, and add tags to all of your tasks for easy organization.

Need someone else to remember the milk instead? You can share the workload by sharing lists you’ve created.

The app starts out free, but has a Pro subscription that offers reminders, sub-tasks, and widgets for $39.99 per year.

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