As a business owner or manager, keeping track of everything you need to remember in a day can be a difficult task when you don’t have a solid note-taking platform. When it comes to choosing the right one, it depends on what you’re going to use it for and your personal style. 

 This is a list of the apps I enjoyed the most and who I’d recommend using them based on the different features each app has to offer. 



I heard it was the best note-taking platform, and now I believe the hype. It’s super easy to use – it took me all of five minutes to figure it out and that is saying something. There’s a side toolbar that’s easy to navigate and you can create separate notebooks and choose from a blank note to pre-made templates for gardening, storytelling, marketing, and party-planning, to name a few. It’s an organizer’s DREAM. There’s a desktop version and a mobile version for free. There are also paid plans – $7.99/month or $69.99/year. 

  • The free plan supports 60 MB of data monthly and 2 synced devices. 
  • Both premium plans support 10GB of data monthly, unlimited synced devices, offline access, and the search feature. 

Evernote would’ve been my first choice, but the fact that I can’t search for a doc without paying is a no-go for me. The ease of use and organization is spot on – but I need to be able to search in my piles of documents for free, and plenty of other apps will let me. 

I’d recommend Evernote for people who need a structured system to stay organized. Especially writers and event planners. Honestly, I’d use it to plan story-writing because of how robust it is. No matter what, I’ll be using the free version.

Simple Note


It is a simple note. You’ve got your left side column with a small preview for each note and then the main note you’re working on. It doesn’t get simpler than this. The only con I could see is the lack of detailed organization. Once you’ve made a note, it goes into the list of other notes and stays in that position unless it’s edited. The most recently edited note will be pushed to the top. (It works very similarly to Apple Notes.)

I love it for short-term use like grocery lists or meeting notes to only be used for the day, but it could become a huge mess for long term use or work use. Big pro – it’s free and has a search option if you need to search through a sea of notes!

Also, it works offline—even the webpage will load! I’d recommend Simple Note to people who make notes all day, who are highly organized/great with searching, and most importantly, for work. I wouldn’t use Simple Note for my personal life because it’s just a little too simple for my taste.

Google Docs


Personally, I love Google Docs. It’s free to use, unlimited in the docs, presentations, and sheets you want to create, and searchable from your URL bar. This one can also be used offline!

The one con is the organization. There’s one main “drive” to hold everything and you can separate it into folders, but it isn’t exactly user-friendly and it definitely isn’t appealing to the eyes.

However, it’s super simple to use, and it’s what I use for work. (Now that I’ve done my own research, I’d like to say that I’ll be using something new, but this one is tried and true and is good enough for me.)


OneNote looks almost exactly like Microsoft Word, but it’s free. There’s definitely more functionality in the way you can draw and move the cursor anywhere on the page to type. It’s very easy to use, has a powerful search feature, and is highly organized.

You can create different notebooks and use color-coded tabs and add new pages that are easy to see separately. I’m not a huge fan of Microsoft Word after being forced to use it for years in college, but if you know Microsoft like the back of your hand and enjoyed it, this one could be the right app for you.

Zoho Note


If you want a creative vibe, I definitely recommend Zoho. You can choose a notebook cover from the beautiful artwork the website offers or you can add your own cover. Rather than pages, each notebook entry appears as a sticky note. It’s cute, free, and super simple to use. I would recommend this for people who want some color and individuality in their notes, whether that’s at work or for personal use.