Now is the time to start the hiring process if you’re looking to increase your workforce for the summer. Whether you plan to employ high schoolers in your community or set up an internship program, we covered the rules, regulations, and best practices to help ensure a successful hiring season. 

We also included a few creative ways to find the perfect candidates for your temporary summer roles, as well as the financial benefits of hiring “targeted individuals or groups that consistently face significant employment barriers. 

How to hire summer employees

Summer is on the way, which means a peak in business for many industries. And with more work to accomplish, hiring summer employees will help ensure your bottom line reaps the rewards.

A guide to legally hiring minors

There are both federal and state laws you need to follow in order to stay compliant and avoid serious fines and penalties.

Everything to know about hiring interns

Implementing a valuable internship program at your small business can benefit both your business and your community—and the good news is you don’t need a vast set of resources to make it happen. 

The financial benefits of hiring targeted individuals 

Aside from creating an inclusive workplace environment, there are financial benefits to hiring workers who would otherwise have a hard time finding employment.

In case you missed it:

We recently hosted an employment law webinar covering at-will employment, unlawful harassment, and more. If you’d like to check it out before hiring more employees, you can view the slides here. You can also click here to watch the webinar recording