Reflecting on Small Business Week 2020

It’s Small Business Week this week. 

Right now, there is no shortage of hot takes on what’s happening to small businesses, and where we all go from here. But there is one thing that’s been in short supply for a while: a thank you.

Before coronavirus, you made our communities vibrant, warm, and welcoming. You gave us fun Friday nights, morning rituals, family memories, and help where we needed it. Some people knew about the hard work behind it and the sacrifices that our entrepreneurs and local business teams made to serve us. But we still all took it for granted. 

During the coronavirus, we have seen your service and resilience for what it is. Many of you stayed open, many of you changed your operations, and many of you closed. But in all instances, you’re doing your best to find a way. You got creative and you showed care for your teams, neither of which the big chains could match. You found even more ways to serve your communities and help keep us all sane during an unprecedented time.

In good times and bad times, we’re very lucky to have you. Thank you for the hard work and the sleepless nights. Thank you for all of the service you and your teams bring to our communities. Thank you for giving us a foundation to our days and for making our lives both easier and richer. 

Thank you.

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