A new way to communicate with your team: introducing the Logbook

The logbook is whatever you want to make it, but at its core, it’s a searchable and trackable space to store notes for your managers across shifts and different topics.

While it’s easy to message your whole team using Homebase already, and you can use shift notes to add notes and tasks to specific shifts, the logbook is an easily searchable and organized place to store notes for multiple managers on your team.


From guest feedback to maintenance and personnel issues, you can store it all (and any other topics you’d like) in your new logbook. You can create as many topics as you’d like, and we’ll automatically track who left the message. We’ll also update important daily stats automatically so you can quickly view a daily summary in the future. The Logbook is available on the Plus plan.

Learn more about the logbook and the 40+ additional features available in Homebase Plus.

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