There’s a new labor law poster available for download for businesses in Iowa. This poster is required, but can be downloaded for free and printed on a standard-sized sheet of paper (8.5″ x 11″).

Where can I get the new required Iowa Labor Law Poster?

Download the poster for free here.

What’s new in Iowa Labor Laws and Unemployment Insurance?


The updated Iowa Unemployment Insurance poster includes revised details for filing a new unemployment compensation claim, both online and in-person. The new poster lists a website where employees can get a handbook with more information on enrolling for unemployment insurance, eligibility requirements, and more.

The eligibility for unemployment insurance in Iowa has also changed. While employees may file a new unemployment insurance claim in the same week they become unemployed or begin working reduced hours, the claims are effective the Sunday of the week a claimant applies. There’s a new website with a handbook on the poster where employees can get more information.

Posting Statute: IA Stat. §96.11


When do I need to post the new Iowa Unemployment Insurance poster?

You should display the new poster as soon as possible.