RetailMeNot’s 2015 Shopper’s Trend Report, talked to Moms nationwide about the kinds of gifts they hoped for on Mother’s Day. Since most Moms get few breaks, it’s not surprising that a few hours of help with the kids and a little pampering ranked near the top of the list. Of those surveyed, 30 percent of mothers felt they deserve a little pampering on their special day.

As a business owner, knowing how to use these kinds of statistics to your advantage is an important part of lifting your bottom line. This is especially true for any business that offers Mom an opportunity to kick back and take a little time for herself.

While spa days are a popular choice among Gifters, other businesses can position themselves to be included in Mom’s day of well-deserved pampering. Other businesses may include:

  • Dance studios
  • Beauty shops
  • Local wineries
  • Yoga studios

What if we’re not open on Mother’s Day?

There is no reason Mom’s day of pampering has to occur on Sunday, May 8th. According to the RetailMeNot survey, more than one out of every four Mothers prefer gift cards. They’ll use these to plan their own special day in addition to the traditional May 8 activities. Moms will still want their ‘me-time’ in the coming weeks, and that’s where you come in. You simply have to focus your promotions on gift certificates or packages that partners and the kids can pay for ahead of time, allowing Mom to redeem when she’s ready.

This means you can remain closed and celebrate with your own family and still reap the benefits of promoting your Mother’s Day specials.

Most of our marketing already targets women. How can I reach their partners?

Consider where the dads and other partners spend time in the local community. While some moms do choose their own gifts, your target audience for this advertising campaign should be their partners and other family members. Is there a local sports venue with on-site advertising options? How about local newspapers? Don’t forget the importance of social media.

Mother’s Day offers you a unique opportunity to promote your services as a necessary part of this much needed day of pampering for Mom. By promoting your special deals to partners and family members, you can give your sales a quick and easy boost.