Mobile time tracking: How to save money on labor costs

Mobile time tracking is a tool that allows your employees to clock in to their shifts from their phones. And it’s about more than convenience for your team. For a lot of businesses, it can save you serious cash when it comes to tracking time and running payroll.

What is mobile time tracking?

Mobile time tracking is the ability for employees to clock in and clock out of shifts on their mobile phones instead of relying on old-fashioned time cards. What’s more, the mobile time clock integrates with their phone’s GPS. That means if you have remote teams, you can track employees locations as they are clocking in for their shifts once they’ve arrived at the job site.

1. Save on labor costs

For a business that relies on remote employees, like landscaping or catering, it is especially useful. Allowing employees to clock in on their mobile devices will save them from taking a trip to clock in at your headquarters. The accurate timesheets save you from paying for their commute time, and will save them from a longer commute too.

One Homebase customer, Pelican’s SnoBalls, uses the mobile time clock to save on some serious labor costs. Pelican’s is a seasonal business, and they’re selling shaved ice at lots of events during the summer. By enabling the mobile time clock, employees can start their shift once they’ve reached the event. It saves them the trip to the main location first.

2. Save time coordinating your team

Homebase offers free mobile apps for both iPhone and Android users. Managers and owners can schedule their teams, track employee time, send messages, and even check timesheets for errors from their mobile phones. Employees can also message each other, check their schedule, estimate their pay, and even clock in from their mobile devices.

time clock mobile

iPhone time tracking app

The free iPhone time tracking and timesheets app makes it easy for your team to manage their work life, all in one place. With the Homebase app on their iPhones, your team will be able to clock in when they reach your off-site event. Then clock out when it’s over or when it’s time for a break.

Your employees can also submit time-off requests, shift trades, and update their work availabilities, all from their phone.

Android time tracking app

The Homebase free Android time tracking app is as easy, with the same functionality as the Homebase iOS App. Your Android-toting employees can clock in and out of shifts and breaks, request time off, trade shifts, message each other, and adjust their availabilities. All from their Android phones.

Your managers can choose the address from which your employees will be able to clock in or out. You can be sure they’re on location when their shift begins.

3. Save money with a single solution that works for your on-site employees too

Of course, in addition to remote or mobile employees, you probably have a team of employees at a fixed location. Most likely your restaurant or commissary, or your home office. Homebase shines there too. 

The time clock works on any Android or iOS tablet, or any computer with a web browser. All your data gets instantly and securely stored in the cloud, no matter how your employees are clocking in or clocking out.

iPad time clock

The Homebase free iPad Time Clock App makes it easy for your employees to clock in and out of shifts. We’ll even take a picture when they clock in with their PIN, so you can be sure it’s the person scheduled for that shift.

Android time clock

Like the iPad app, the Homebase free Android Time Clock App is the easiest way for your on-site employees to clock in to their shifts. The free time clock app is lightweight. All you need is a low-cost Android tablet.

Web time clock

If you don’t want to use a tablet as a time clock, you can use just about any internet-connected device as a time clock. If you don’t already have a tablet, or aren’t sure yet if you’d like to invest in one, the web time clock is a great option.

Mobile time tracking and the web time clock are available on the Homebase Essentials plan. When you sign up for Homebase Essentials, you’ll get a ton of other valuable features, too, like text message shift reminders.

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