The Manager Log Book is whatever you want to make it, but at its core, it’s a searchable and trackable space to store notes for your managers across shifts and different topics.

While it’s easy to message your whole team using Homebase already, and you can use shift notes to add notes and tasks to specific shifts, the log book is an easily searchable and organized place to store notes for multiple managers on your team.


From maintenance to personnel issues, you can share it all (and any other topics you’d like) in your new log book. You can create as many topics as you’d like, and we’ll automatically track who left the message. We’ll also update important daily stats automatically, like sales, labor costs, the weather, and more. The Manager Log Book is available on the Plus plan.

If you’re already using Homebase, you’ll see a link to your new Manager Log in your account.

If you aren’t using Homebase yet, you should! You could be saving five hours every week on employee scheduling and payroll.