Most likely, your employees aren’t lazy. Laziness is related to employee engagement.  Engaged employees are intrinsically motivated to do a job well.  When laziness creeps in, first address the most obvious source of discontentment in a position.  Compensation, benefits, or the perception of continued growth at your business. If you cannot change compensation, benefits or the perception of growth, have an honest discussion with the employee about their personal and professional goals.  Dig deep to find ways that you can help that employee grow even if that means growth with a different company down the line. The employee will reward you by staying longer and working harder in their position than they otherwise would have.

Second, ask yourself, when was the last time you recognized that employee for hard work?  When was the last time you had a discussion with the employee about what is going well and what your continued targets are for their growth.  Check out this article  from our founder, John Waldmann with simple tips to recognize employees.

Third, are you in the habit of communicating to each employee what is going well and how that employee can improve?  In every single position, a good manager continues to point the way forward and help the employee develop skill-sets they can use throughout their career.  Read more about how to communicate performance expectations here.

Last, when was the last time you shared with your employees your business or department goals and how they impact those goals?  Reminding employees of the long-term objectives and how each position contributes to that objective gives employees a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose in their work.  Empowered employees are re-energized to work hard when they feel that contribution is important. Check out this article for additional tips to motivate to motivate your employees.