Time tracking solutions for effective landscaping crew management

When it comes to landscaping crew management, effective time tracking plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth operation. While crucial, this information can be difficult to obtain for geographically dispersed landscaping crews working on multiple projects. Without accurate time tracking, landscaping crew leaders have limited visibility into project progress. And we all know, that can negatively impact their efficiency and overall business performance.

In short, without good time tracking, you’re digging yourself into a pretty big hole.

The good news? You can simplify all of these processes with the right business management software. Digital time tracking solutions are the answer. They provide real-time visibility into employee work hours, facilitate better task coordination, simplify payroll processes, and offer valuable insights for informed decision-making. So, are you ready to manage your crew more effectively, reduce time spent on administrative tasks, and improve operational efficiency? Then let’s get to it.

What is landscaping crew management? 

Landscaping crew management refers to the process of overseeing and organizing the activities of a landscape team.

Led by a landscaping crew leader or manager, these responsibilities include team coordination and communication, scheduling, time tracking, and overall project management.

What are the key landscape management crew leader responsibilities?

The responsibilities of landscape crew leaders are vast and directly affect the overall success of your business.

Here are just a few of their multifaceted responsibilities:

Team coordination and communication 

The landscape crew leader is responsible for assigning various landscaping tasks to crew members. They assign tasks based on their unique skill sets and expertise. They also act as team coordinators to ensure smooth workflow, effective collaboration, and ongoing communication.

Scheduling and time management

In addition to assigning roles and maintaining workflow, landscape crew leaders manage project timelines and crew schedules. In terms of project management, this includes allocating resources (like equipment and supplies), noting client preferences, and coordinating delays caused by poor weather conditions.

Time tracking and payroll 

To facilitate payroll processing, crew leaders are also responsible for accurate timekeeping and monitoring employee work hours. This ensures your team’s working hours adhere to local labor regulations.

Team training

It’s always preferable to hire team members with previous landscaping experience. But even if you hire experts, it’s smart to provide ongoing training to enhance your team’s skills. Share specific landscaping techniques and equipment training to maintain the high-quality standards required to grow your landscaping business.

Budgeting and cost management 

In addition to managing project timelines, many landscape crew leaders are also responsible for monitoring project expenses. This includes everything from labor costs to equipment and materials.

Compliance and quality control 

Crew leaders are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for their team members and clients. They need to continually promote and enforce safety protocols, ensure compliance with local regulations, and abide by environmental guidelines.

 Crew leaders also regularly conduct inspections and quality checks to uphold client expectations and established work standards.

Client communication

While onsite, crew members will likely interact with your clients, but the crew leader should act as the main point of contact. Having one main point of contact for communication helps streamline process. It’s easier to keep tabs on client requests, address concerns, provide project status updates, and maintain a positive working relationship.

What are the challenges of managing landscaping crews?

Juggling multiple projects, locations, employees, equipment, and unpredictable weather? Just another day in the life for landscapers. Although this dynamic work environment is exciting, it also poses distinct challenges that call for quick thinking and effective organization. Below, we’ll explore some of these challenges in detail before sharing some insider tips to help you address them.

Physically dispersed crews 

Keeping tabs on a dispersed team is one of the largest challenges landscape crew leaders face. First of all, it’s physically impossible to simultaneously supervise a dispersed crew, it’s also difficult to coordinate and communicate effectively. Since your team members are constantly working with their hands (and in the dirt), you may not receive project updates as often as you’d like. And if you don’t have timely updates to inform your equipment and resource management decisions? Well, you could experience delays that negatively affect your business efficiency.

Difficulty tracking time

Having a geographically dispersed team working different schedules also presents challenges when it comes to time tracking. Without the ability to physically see when your employees arrive at work, managing their working hours can feel like a daunting task. Though manual timekeeping has been an industry norm, this method is both time-consuming and error prone. Plus, it requires a high level of trust since your employees are self-reporting their hours. Implementing a digital time tracking system with geo-tracking means you won’t have to spend time monitoring your team’s timesheets.

Staffing and scheduling issues 

Since the size and complexity of each landscape project determines the crew size and specific skillsets required, scheduling the right people for each job is critical. This is a challenge for a lot of teams. Unexpected absences, resource restraints, turnover, and delayed timelines complicate matters all too frequently. As a result, you can wind up spending hours rearranging your crew’s schedule every week. In short, it’s not the most effective use of your time.

Poor weather conditions

Rain? Snow? Hail? All poor weather conditions that can cause project delays. That means that your team and equipment are unable to move on to the next project as planned. If poor weather persists, this can have a domino effect on your project timelines, and negatively affect your bottom line.

But there’s a way to overcome these challenges and optimize operational efficiency. Great landscaping crew managers need to be able to think on their feet, communicate effectively, and improve their time management. 

Essential time management tips for landscaping professionals

As a landscaping crew manager, the ability to effectively manage your team’s time (as well as your own) goes a long way to ensure you have more hours in the day to tackle challenges. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Streamline team communication 

Sure, it’s convenient and cost-effective to rely on text messages and phone calls. But it’s not efficient. Between missed calls, voicemails, and unanswered text messages, it’s easy to miss important information and lose track of your team’s progress. 

Instead, use a team messaging platform to streamline team communication. This option allow you to share updates, schedules, and communicate in real time with your entire team rather than sending out individual messages. Plus, when you house all of your communication in one platform, it’s easier to refer back to important information. The result? Ultimate team organization.

Prioritize project planning and scheduling

Each landscaping project has specific requirements and timelines. It’s important to create a well-structured plan and schedule for each project. Be sure to include factors like crew availability and skill sets, task dependencies, and deadlines. This helps you prioritize projects based on urgency and allocate resources accordingly.

Understandably, it can be challenging to stay on top of multiple projects, especially when Mother Nature dictates your schedule. With the right project management tools, it’s easier to reassign tasks, adjust schedules on the fly, and keep your business running smoothly.

Incorporate time tracking systems

As a crew leader, tracking the hours of your geographically dispersed team can be incredibly time-consuming. Managing team members who work shifts of varying lengths and simultaneously juggle multiple projects can further complicate the situation. Fortunately, digital time-tracking apps make it easier. You can accurately record employee work hours, automate time clock management, and even integrate it with payroll. This streamlines payroll and prevents time theft,  which according to The American Payroll Association (APA) can cost you up to 7% of your gross annual payroll.

Invest in ongoing team training

Want to take on more clients and grow your business? Then you need to be able to confidently rely on your team to perform their tasks without your supervision. Invest in skill development opportunities and ongoing training to keep your crew at the forefront of new technologies, industry best practices, and safety protocols. With a well-trained crew taking care of all the landscaping tasks, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

Make the most of technology

The truth is, there are only so many hours in the day to get things done. And although you can delegate some tasks to your team, the vast majority of responsibilities still be on your shoulders. Embracing project management software, time tracking apps, and communication platforms can significantly improve your productivity and operational efficiency. Don’t be afraid to explore the tools specifically designed to make your life easier.

Landscape business software: track, manage, and communicate with your crew 

Alright, we’ve touched upon a few ways technology can enhance operational efficiency. Now, it’s time to  highlight industry-specific software solutions to help you more effectively manage your landscape crew.

Scheduling software for landscaping businesses 

Benefits of using scheduling software for your landscaping business 

  • Optimized workloads and productivity: Scheduling software consolidates information for multiple projects in one centralized platform. Assign tasks, track progress, allocate resources, optimize workloads, and improve overall efficiency, all within one app. Have periods of high demand? Scheduling software can help you balance crew workloads and ensure each project has all the resources required to get the job done.
  • Improved workflow and coordination: With centralized access to crew schedules, tasks, deadlines, and progress reports, you can improve workflow and crew coordination Crew leaders and team members can communicate about projects directly on the platform, fostering better collaboration and improving productivity. Plus: no more “I didn’t see your message!” on personal emails or texts.
  • Superior customer service: Get a more comprehensive view of each landscaping job. Scheduling software allows you to track timelines and meet project deadlines more accurately. This helps keep your customers happy, which is always good for business.  

Must-have features for a scheduling software 

While landscaping scheduling software improves overall efficiencies, coordination, and project management, they’re not all created equal. Want to make the most out of your investment? Then you’ll want to ensure your choosing an option that has the following must-have features.

  • Schedule creation: As obvious as this may be, your scheduling software should have the ability to create (and share) schedules and assign specific projects to individual crew members. But it’s just as important to be able to modify your schedule as your staffing or project needs change. Bonus points for visual representations that make the schedule easier to comprehend.
  • Calendar integration: In addition to creating and modifying your team’s schedule, useful scheduling applications should have the ability to integrate with calendar systems. This allows your crew to view their work and personal schedule in one place, which prevents scheduling conflicts and missed shifts.
  • Real time communication: Project timelines don’t always go as planned, especially when your workplace is subject to sudden weather changes. For this reason, it’s important to have a software application that allows your crew to share updates, log shift notes, and receive notifications about schedule changes.  
  • Time tracking and reporting: Some scheduling software systems also have time tracking and reporting features that allow crew leaders to monitor project progress, track hours, and record completed tasks. The reports generated by this data provide invaluable insights into crew performance and project timelines, improving your ability to provide accurate timelines for your customers going forward.
  • Mobile applications: Although it may be easiest for crew leaders to organize multiple projects from a desktop computer, your crew needs to be able to receive updates, view schedules, and track their hours on the go. Selecting a scheduling software solution that offers web-based access or a mobile application, ensures your entire crew stays connected, regardless of where they are.

Time tracking apps for landscaping crew management 

Time tracking apps help landscaping businesses accurately track and manage employee hours. Using their own mobile device, a computer, or a POS system, employees can track their hours directly in the app. Not only does this provide employees with the freedom to calculate their hours on the go, but it also allows crew managers to monitor employee activity in real time. 

Benefits of using time tracking apps for your landscaping crew management

  • Precise time tracking: Time tracking apps significantly enhance your ability to accurately track your crew’s hours. From their mobile device, they can easily clock in and out, record their hours, and even submit timesheets.Plus, when employees have direct access to their work hours and progress, it can promote accountability and encourage more efficient work habits. 
  • Simplified payroll process: Time tracking apps can also automate time calculations and streamline your entire payroll process. Since your crew’s work hours can easily be exported or integrated with payroll systems, time tracking apps ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time.
  • Enhanced reporting: To help landscape crew leaders optimize business performance, many time tracking apps also include reporting and analytic tools. These tools can easily generate reports on project hours, employee attendance, and labor costs. With this information you can identify areas of improvement and make more cost-effective business decisions.
  • More flexibility: Since time tracking apps can be used on most mobile devices, they provide a more flexible and convenient way to track work hours on the go. This is particularly beneficial for landscaping crews, as it allows your team to accurately track their hours regardless of their location.
  • Integration with other systems: One of the biggest benefits of time tracking apps is how seamlessly they integrate with other systems such as payroll, accounting, and project management tools. This reduces manual data entry, improves accuracy, and enhances overall operational efficiency.  

Must-have features for a time tracking app

  • Ability to clock in and out: To help your crew accurately record work hours, your time tracking app should provide an easy way to clock in and out. This promotes accurate time tracking and payroll processing while also providing crew leaders with the ability to track employee attendance in real time.
  • Location tracking: With GPS location tracking, you can easily monitor the whereabouts of your entire crew without having to individually check in with them. Not only does this confirm that your crew is clocking in at the correct job site, but it also provides insights into travel time and punctuality.
  • Notifications and live updates: While it’s helpful to know where and when your employees clock in, you also need to be able to communicate with them on-site. With features like live updates and notifications, you can easily communicate updates or last-minute changes to your geographically dispersed crew. Having the ability to communicate in real time reduces delays and miscommunications, saving you time and money.
  • Offline access: Because landscaping crews often work in areas with limited connectivity, your time tracking app should provide some form of offline access. Apps with this feature allow crew members to track their hours without internet access and automatically sync the data once a connection is re-established.
  • Reporting capabilities: This feature allows you to easily create reports based on crew productivity data and labor costs to improve crew management.

Time clocks for landscaping businesses 

Time clocks for landscaping businesses are time tracking tools designed to help geographically dispersed landscaping crews track and record their working hours. Whether physical, mobile, or web-based, time clocks provide a convenient way to track start times, breaks, and end times for payroll purposes.

Benefits of using a time clock for your landscaping business

  • Accurate payroll: Time clocks provide a reliable way to record work hours and calculate wages while reducing errors caused by manual payroll processes.
  • Labor regulation compliance: Accurately tracking hours and payroll helps you ensure your business complies with overtime and minimum wage regulations. This prevents you from facing penalties or legal issues related to labor regulations.
  • Time savings: Since time clocks automate your time tracking process, you won’t have to spend your time manually inputting work hours and calculating payroll.
  • Reduces time theft: With integrated GPS, time clocks prevent your crew from clocking in before they’ve reached their job site. This prevents time theft, discourages unauthorized breaks, and fosters a culture of accountability among your crew.
  • Improved operational efficiency: Time clocks provide insights into crew work patterns (such as punctuality and attendance) and time spent on specific projects, which improves your ability to accurately predict project timelines. Advanced features can also help you identify areas of improvement and optimize how you manage your projects and crew.

Must-have features for a time clock

  • Clock in and out feature: Much like time tracking apps, time clocks should allow your crew members to easily clock in and out for their shifts to support accurate payroll calculations.
  • Location tracking and mobile access: Since landscaping crews are always on the go, time clocks should allow them to use their mobile devices to clock in and out as they work on different job sites. When combined with GPS tracking, you can ensure your crew is at the correct job site, monitor their movements, and avoid time theft.
  • Built-in labor compliance capabilities: With a large crew spread across different locations and projects, it can be difficult to track overtime. Built-in labor compliance capabilities track and calculate overtime hours to ensure compliance with labor regulations and company policies. Some time clocks can even notify you when crew members are approaching overtime to help you manage labor costs.
  • Analytics and reporting: This feature helps you manage your crew better by generating reports that provide insights into crew performance, labor costs, and productivity. With these insights, you can more efficiently manage your crew and optimize operational performance.
  • Payroll integrations: To minimize errors, reduce administrative tasks, and streamline the payroll process it’s important that your time clock can integrate with your existing payroll system.

Homebase: Your complete landscape management crew business software solution

With multiple job sites, varying project scopes, and a crew with varying skill sets, your landscaping business needs a comprehensive business management software that supports your unique needs.

Homebase’s all-in-one platform provides all the benefits of scheduling software, time clocks, and time tracking apps in one convenient and easy-to-use place.

Here are a few of Homebase’s standout features that have helped other landscaping companies accurately track crew work hours, optimize payroll, and improve operational efficiency.

Scheduling app

This feature allows you to easily create schedules on autopilot based on your team’s availability, sales forecasts, and even labor targets. Last-minute weather-related changes? No problem. The app will instantly notify your crew of any changes through the app, text, or email. Plus, you can send shift reminders or notes to ensure your crew doesn’t miss a beat.

To prevent understaffing with your landscaping management crew during summer months, you can also control time-off requests, by creating request limits and advanced notice requirements. And for last-minute availability changes, your crew can pick up or swap shifts directly in the app (pending your approval).

Time clock and automated timesheets

With Homebase’s free time clock app, your crew can easily clock in and out using their mobile device. Plus, our GPS-enabled time tracking prevents time theft by ensuring your crew has arrived at the correct job site before allowing them to clock in. If your crew is working in remote areas with limited connectivity, they can continue to utilize Homebase’s time clock capabilities with our offline mode, so you don’t have to worry about losing track of employee hours.

Homebase also creates automated weekly time sheets based on your crew’s hours, breaks, and overtime, which helps you keep tabs on their productivity.


To maintain labor regulation compliance, Homebase allows you to set up your break and overtime rules based on federal, state, and city laws. It also stores timecards to comply with FLSA record-keeping rules and notifies you when labor laws change at the state or federal level. There’s even an option to have a certified HR professional review your policies, so you can rest easy knowing all of your bases are covered.

Instant messaging

Homebase’s built-in messenger tool makes it easy to communicate with your geographically dispersed team in real time. Send messages and share documents with individual employees or create crew groups to easily communicate about specific projects. With read alerts, you can see when your crew has read your messages, even if they don’t have the time or are unable to reply.

Award-winning payroll software

Did you know that small businesses spend up to 240 days on administrative tasks like payroll every year? Yeah: not a typo. Homebase takes the tedious tasks off your hands by automatically onboarding new hires, tracking their time, and paying them all in one place. The automated payroll process allows you to instantly convert timesheets into hours and wages, calculate taxes, and send accurate payments to your crew. We also automatically process your tax filings and issue 1099s and W-2s, so you don’t have to worry about year-end paperwork.

Software integrations

If you’re already working with a payroll system you like, that’s not an issue either. Homebase seamlessly integrates with countless business tools to simplify all your business operations.

While there are countless options out there, Homebase is the easiest way to track your landscaping employees’ time, no matter which job they’re working on—and our all-in-one platform takes care of the rest.

Try the Homebase time clock app to effectively track your landscaping crew’s time and productivity. Get started now for free.

Landscaping crew management FAQ

What does a landscape crew leader do?

A landscape crew leader is responsible for overseeing and managing the daily operations of a landscaping crew. Their primary role is to ensure that landscaping projects are executed efficiently and according to client specifications.

What are the challenges associated with landscaping crew management?

While the challenges associated with managing landscaping crews are vast, the most common challenges include tracking the progress of dispersed teams working on multiple projects. This complicates scheduling and staffing, tracking hours, and adjusting to weather-related delays.

What are some landscaping crew management tools that leaders can use?

Fortunately, there are many landscaping management tools specifically designed to address these challenges. With scheduling software, digital time clocks, and time tracking apps landscaping crew leaders can save time tracking employee hours, streamline payroll, and improve operational efficiencies.

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