Improve Employee Communication in Three Easy Steps

When it comes to employee scheduling, creating it is just half the hurdle. Communicating it and keeping track of shift swaps is how you bring home the gold. Winning in this case is having a well-staffed business that runs smoothly, while keeping employees informed and happy throughout. So what can you do to improve communication with your team?

Get Specific

With a smartphone in the hands of 77% of Americans you’d think that communication might get easier. We’re certainly more accessible to one another, but business owners and managers must be clear about how and when they like to communicate. Getting an email that someone is feeling ill 20 minutes before their shift is no one’s idea of fun. Therefore, setting ground rules for appropriate (and effective) ways to communicate are crucial to making sure you get important information when you need it. Not everyone refreshes their email often when they’re having a busy day, so having protocols in place are key to keeping communication flowing and your business at peak performance.

Be Open

Communication is a two way street. Sure, you need to get your message across to employees about policy changes and additions to the menu, but you also need to be open to feedback. Your employees are talking to customers day in and day out. They are your eyes and ears when you have reports to run and are stuck in the back office all day. Consider setting up a periodic way for employees to provide feedback. This could take the form of ways to sell more, doing routine tasks faster, or adding a little something to delight customers. You never know the great ideas your employees might have that they haven’t had the opportunity to tell you about.

Centralize Communication

With email, texting, messaging apps, social media, and more, the number of ways to get in touch with someone are nearly limitless. But with so many options, it’s important to stay focused. Whether you’re asking a quick question about availability or giving a team update, you can message your employees for free through Homebase. You can slice and dice to create groups according to job function, seniority, or whatever works for you. The bottom line is that you’ll always be able to stay in contact with your employees and keep all the information in one place. No more searching through texts to see what day an employee wanted off because it’s all tracked in one convenient place. Simplify communication to get more time back in your day.

Wrap Up

These are just three ways to boost communication in your business. No matter how you prefer to stay in touch with employees, keeping the channels open and flowing are crucial. Businesses run smoother when everyone is up to speed and feels that they are being heard.

What are your favorite ways to boost communication with your employees?

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