What are the new year’s resolutions you have for your business?  This year, finally check off ‘HR’ from your to-do list.  Here are some resolutions that we hope you can adopt in the new year and the tools you might need to ensure you reach success.  You’ll find links to documents, tips, and templates that can all help you hire employees, boost the culture at your business, manage employee performance, and address workplace harassment.  

  1. Spend Less Time On Hiring & Still Find the Best Employees

In the new year, improve your accuracy in recruiting.  You don’t want to spend hours interviewing candidates who are the wrong fit. Let this year be the year that you efficiently hire great candidates. Demonstrate to new hires that your business is professional, organized, and efficient with our new hire forms, interview guide, and onboarding guide.

  1. Build a Culture that Your Employees Love

In 2018, you can take your workplace culture to the next level.  Having a great culture will increase retention, attract potential employees, and even increase your bottom line.  Our employee recognition tips will keep your employees motivated and loyal to your business.  Check out our team building tips to build energy and common ground with your employees.

  1.  Be a Great Boss By Mastering Performance Management

Managing employees is constant, and in the new year, that won’t change.  But every manager can improve.  Our guides for delivering feedback help you have a simple and rewarding conversation with your employees about their performance.  Quickly document your employees’ performance with our Performance Review Template.

  1. Know the Workplace Harassment Basics

It’s not the most fun topic, but now is the time to brush up on anti-harassment basics.  The new year will not be the year that your business becomes entangled in any harassment issues or illegal behavior. So, make sure you know how to handle inappropriate behavior..  

In 2018, you’ll take your business to the next level.  If these are your new year’s resolutions for your business, you’ll be in great shape for a successful 2018.