JK Rowling’s wizarding world and the real world have finally come together in the form of augmented reality gameplay, giving Potterheads everywhere something to keep their mind off of the fact that they still haven’t received their Hogwarts letter.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was launched for iOS and Android on June 21 by Niantic, the software development firm that bestowed Pokémon Go upon the world in 2016. The company teamed up with WB Games San Francisco to replace Pokéstop and Pokégyms with Inns, Greenhouses and Fortresses where fans of the franchise can “mingle” with legendary characters and partake in potion brewing, spell casting while taking on the mysterious “Calamity.”

While the game has not yet proven to cast as strong of a spell as its predecessor, it’s still smart to capitalize on the “task forces” made up of witches and wizards as they help the Ministry of Magic and find fantastic beasts right outside the doors of your business. Here are some tips on how to turn their wizarding challenges into your magical profits.

Trade discounts for Dark Detectors

Locating and freeing “Foundables” is the name of the game in Wizards Unite. This requires the user to encounter a “Trace” and successfully execute it by using spell energy to trace a path on their screen with their finger. Freeing Foundables and returning them to the registry is the equivalent of catching a Pokemon.
Dark Detectors are similar to Pokemon Go lures in that they allow you to see stronger and highly-sought-after Traces around an Inn for 30 minutes. If you’re lucky enough to have an Inn near your business (many PokeStop locations are Inns in the Wizards Unite universe), consider offering a discount to customers playing the game if they drop a Dark Detector nearby.

Buy your own Dark Detectors

Care to take a more proactive approach? Load up on Dark Detectors in your own app and keep your location a hot spot for Foundables! A pack of three costs 325 gold coins and you can buy 425 coins for $4.99, so the investment is fairly inexpensive depending on how many you wish to buy.


Here’s how to purchase the Dark Detectors on the app:
  1. Create a Wizards Unite account after downloading and installing the app.
  2. Select the suitcase icon on the main screen.
  3. Tap the shopping cart icon.
  4. Tap the coin button on the top far right to purchase gold.
  5. Head back to the star section to load up on Dark Detectors.

Then, plant your Dark Detectors by following these steps:

  1. Open a nearby Inn.
  2. Tap the tab at the bottom of the screen labeled “Dark Detectors.”
  3. Activate! The Inn will have swirling particles hovering over its roof when the Dark Detector is working.

Offer themed “potions”

Task Force members can brew potions with ingredients they find while they explore the map to increase their power when they cast spells, heal during battles or get a general boost in various abilities.

Potions require brewing time, and if you’ve got some players waiting in your establishment as their magical liquids marinate, they’d most likely be willing to spend a few extra Galleons if you offer some “potions” of your own.

For example, a margarita could transform into “Baruffio’s Brain Elixir” by rebranding the tequila, cointreau, and lime juice as leaping toadstool, powdered dragon claw, and frog brain (yes, this is a real recipe included in the game). Top it off with some dry ice and you’ve got a wizard-worthy beverage on your hands.

Give freebies for Foundables

Task Force members might be encouraged to step inside your business to free some Foundables if there was an incentive in reality as well as the AR game. Advertise outside your storefront that customers who successfully free a Foundable inside your establishment will receive a small gift card or a free item. Who knows, you could discover that this tactic may result in a task force member freeing Ron Weasley from the grip of the Calamity right in front of your eyes!

Embracing the evolution

The bottom line is that whether its Harry Potter, Pokemon Go, or an even better augmented reality experience that has yet to be invented, this new form of interactive entertainment that has found its way into our everyday lives provides endless opportunity to evolve your marketing skills and tap into innovative ways to attract new customers.

In the case of this game, here’s hoping the increase in witchcraft and wizardry adds a healthy sum to your Gringotts vault.