How to Use Homebase: 7 Ways to Grow Your Small Business

Running a new small business is no small undertaking. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s not uncommon to run into challenges with payroll, time tracking, and scheduling. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Even brand-new business owners can successfully stay on top of their tasks, schedules, payrolls, budgets, and timelines—all while keeping employee happiness levels high. (Yes, really.) How do they do it? It’s not about working harder: it’s about working smarter.

If you’ve ever wondered how, we’re here to tell you. We’ll unravel the secrets of how to use Homebase to manage the juggling act of your small business by giving you the right tools. And equally important, we’ll help you figure out how to use those tools to your full advantage.

But wait a minute: what is Homebase anyway?

Everything to manage your team.

Homebase is an easy, no fuss tool that gives small businesses like yours everything you need to succeed during those tricky first few years. Think of it as a one-stop-shop that goes with you anywhere, no matter which of your many hats you’re wearing. If you’re in the position of trying to get your new business off the ground or figuring out how to run it with fewer hiccups and a smoother, more efficient team, our platform exists to help you. 

Wondering how to use Homebase, or if it’s the right platform for you? Homebase equips you and your business for success in a whole lot of different ways. (About seven, if we’re counting.)

The Homebase suite of tools makes life easier for new business owners in seven key areas:

  • Employee scheduling
  • Employee time tracking
  • Payroll and compliance
  • Recruiting and onboarding new employees
  • In-app team communication
  • Employee perks, recognition, and rewards
  • HR tools

From the moment you begin using the platform, Homebase simplifies everything you need to do for your small business but don’t always have the time, tools, or knowledge to do well. And your team benefits as well, with better scheduling flexibility, smoother communication, easier access to their information, and even better control over their earnings.

Now here’s the good news: your business solutions are all accessible in the same place from the same mobile, cloud-based platform. No more switching between programs, and definitely no more outdated paper documents. All your team members can stay informed and connected, making changes in real time from almost any device, whether you have one location or many. Even when you go offline, the Homebase app won’t stop tracking data.

Modern tools for hourly teams like yours.

Of course, the best tools in the world aren’t going to help your business unless they’re intuitive and easy to use. That’s why the Homebase interface has been designed intuitively, with teams like yours in mind. And the best part? Unlike many other business platforms out there, our basic plan is free—forever. You don’t need to have a large business or a large budget to start experiencing less stress, freeing up more time for the other things that need your focus.

There are no two ways about it: you’re going to face challenges along the road to a strong self-made business. But when you’re equipped with the right tools to help you, meeting those challenges will feel a whole lot more manageable. 

Want to dive into the details of how Homebase can start working for you?

Download our free guide: How to Use Homebase: 7 Ways to Grow Your Small Business

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