How to throw your own Taco Bell hiring party

Taco Bell’s unique twist on the traditional job fair tactic has proven to be successful in this era of low unemployment rates. Since April 22 the franchise has hosted 600 “hiring parties” at Taco Bell restaurants in 450 cities across the country, which have been an integral part of beefing up their seasonal team member staff for the summer. 

The parties are open to anyone curious about working at Taco Bell and provide job candidates with a chance to mingle with the staff, learn more about the perks (scholarship opportunities, educational counseling and more) and possibly even get hired on the spot after being interviewed.

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“At Taco Bell, we believe that creating a different sort of work place starts with a hiring process as unique as we are,” Chief People Officer Frank Tucker said in a statement. “People are an integral part of the brand, and Hiring Parties provide job candidates with an insider’s look at what makes Taco Bell restaurants a place to want to work and grow.” 

The parties are part of a bigger initiative by Taco Bell “dedicated to innovating the restaurant employee experience,” according to the statement. 

“It is important to ensure passionate employees can get the most out of their time working at a Taco Bell restaurant – beginning on day one,” Vice President of People and Experience Bjorn Erland said. “Whether you start in a Taco Bell restaurant as a seasonal team member or stay for a decades-long career, everyone should be able to pursue their personal, professional and educational passions.”

Hiring parties are a good way to stand out in the crowd in this challenging labor market. Take a page out of Taco Bell’s playbook and throw your own. Here’s how. 

Step 1: Figure out the logistics

The first step to throwing any kind of party is to figure out your date, time and location. If you plan on throwing the party inside your place of business, make sure you’ve got enough empty space to accommodate the anticipated number of candidates. 

You should also ensure you’ve got a clear space for an application station to stand out. Consider having a few tablets out for candidates to input their information and make it easy on them by not requiring them to bring an application or apply online beforehand. That’s what the party is for! 

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Step 2: Make it a party

Taco Bell took the average job fair and spiced it up to attract a crowd with free Nacho Fries and Watermelon Freezes, party games such as Taco Bell trivia, Instagram-worthy photo ops,  even signing bonuses in the form of gift cards for those who got hired on the spot. 

Make a theme out of your business for the day and create your own “on-brand” games, photo booths and freebies that will draw in job candidates and keep them around long enough for you to interview as many potential employees as possible. 

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Step 3: Advertise the occasion

Obviously you need to get the word out about your event so that job candidates will attend, but if you generate enough buzz about your hiring party, you might see a nice bump in online applications from those who are interested in a job but didn’t come. Taco Bell said the promotional activity around the parties prompted over 300 people to apply online after the events were over. 

If you follow step 2 correctly and give your party a little photogenic pizzazz, the job candidates may do most of the marketing for you by posting their unique experience online. 

Hopefully your hiring parties will follow in the footsteps of Taco Bell’s shindigs and generate plenty of good candidates for your business. Happy hiring! 

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