New year, new payroll! Get 3 months free when you switch to Homebase Payroll.Get Started
New year, new payroll! Get 3 months free when you switch to Homebase Payroll.Get Started

Homebase Updates: Mobile Schedule Builder + Clock-Ins And More

Spring is finally here! We have been channeling the seasonal energy and breathing a few fresh features into Homebase. Check out what’s new:

Mobile Time Clock


Your team can now clock in from their mobile phones – say a sweet ‘good-bye’ to that line of employees holding up the register!

  • The mobile online time clock is an optional setting, enabled under Settings for Essentials plan and above
  • Restrict clock-ins to a specific radius from your store location
  • Access GPS map coordinates with every mobile clock-in on Timesheets, ensuring your employees were at the right place

Available on both iOS and Android


Mobile Schedule Editor


Managers with permission can now build and edit schedules from their phones. Handy for when you need to make quick edits to the schedule.

The mobile schedule editor is available for all tiers on both iOS and Android:

Download the iPhone app here.

Download the Android app here.


Schedule by Department


Need separate schedules for Front-of-House and Back-of-House? You’re in luck! You can now build and publish separate schedules for each of your departments with the Plus plan and above. We will track your hours and labor per department too!


Customize Visible Timesheet Columns

You can now customize which columns are visible on your time sheets. Columns can be enabled or disabled by the column icon in the utility menu of the Timesheets tab.



Share the Love!


We’re a small business, just like you!

If you love Homebase, you can now refer friends and earn free credit! For every friend that signs up to a paid Homebase plan, you get 3 months of the Plus plan for free. If you sign up 10 friends, that’s 30 free months!


We’re confident you’ll enjoy these new features, especially as they streamline your scheduling processes and ultimately benefit your bottom line. We can’t promise growing your business won’t painless, but we can make it easier for you. If you’re currently a Homebase customer, let us know how you like the new updates on our Facebook page or on Twitter @joinhomebase.

If you’re not a Homebase customer yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a risk, free account today – then tell us how you like the new updates.

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