Homebase is now available to Square merchants in the Square App Marketplace.

If you’re a current Square customer using Employee Management, you can now use Homebase’s free scheduling and timesheets to manage your team directly from Square. If you’re using Homebase already, you’ll find even more ways to save time and money when managing your team.

You can also use Homebase to eliminate the headaches of scheduling. After you publish your schedule online, your team can view it by text, email or through the free mobile app. Homebase will also import your Square sales, so that you can forecast your labor costs before you ever publish the schedule.

merchant-timeclockBatSheva Vaknin, the co-owner of Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co based in Beverly Hills, was one of the first to use the integration, and said it’s made managing her business much easier:

“Like Square, Homebase is elegant, user-friendly, and intuitive. My employees clock-in right on the iPad and Homebase helps me organize their availability and time-off requests quickly and efficiently. As a business owner, I love that Homebase can text me every time an employee is late or hitting overtime. Our employees tell us over and over what a great program Homebase is for them, too.”

With Square and Homebase connected, you’ll have new visibility into your labor costs and staffing. You can open your Homebase mobile dashboard to see who is clocked in, and track your labor costs in real-time.

According to Vaknin: “I can see exactly how much I will be spending on payroll, and understand how these payroll costs relate to our sales in Square. I have incredible control over managing my team, saving us money, time and headaches.”

If you’re a Square merchant, you can create your free Homebase account by visiting the Square App Marketplace.  If you want to connect an existing account to Square, just visit the store settings in Homebase. For everyone else, what are you waiting for? Sign-up for free account at joinhomebase.com and get back to your business!