Homebase Software Integrations to Make Small Business Easier

As a small business owner, you likely have multiple software tools and platforms that you have to juggle on a daily basis, which can be a heavy burden. And if your systems don’t talk to each other easily, it can become extremely difficult to keep information cohesive across your business. You have to know where to find what and jump from place to place to get to it, and oftentimes you have to manually export data from different systems in order to aggregate it. There’s got to be a better way, right?

Well you’re in luck—there are a range of software integrations in the Homebase app that can pull everything together and streamline your operations, anywhere from HR and employee onboarding to point-of-sale to payroll and accounting. We’ll take you into the world of Homebase integrations and show you how they can completely transform your small business and make your life a whole lot easier.

The benefits of software integrations for small businesses

It’s rare to find a small business owner who speaks fondly of manual data entry. It’s time-consuming, clunky, and messy. It also leaves a lot of room for human error, no matter how meticulous you are. When you have a busy workflow, manual data entry can be like a thorn in your side and keep things from moving forward efficiently.

When you have access to the right software integrations, everything becomes streamlined. It allows you to bring all systems together to function as one powerful unit and eliminates scattered data silos that cause mistakes and inconsistency. You can say goodbye to inaccurate data when you use software integrations that bring everything into one consistent and organized Homebase. (See what we did there?)

You can also rid yourself of manual data updates. Smart integrations give you the ability to sync everything in real time and as changes happen in your source systems, making it easier for you to make game-time decisions with the most accurate and up-to-date information across your organization. And when your data is synced, accurate, and secure, your team will be able to work more efficiently and your customers will have a better experience with you.

Let’s not forget about one of the greatest benefits of software integrations—saving time! As a small business owner, you don’t have the spare hours (or even minutes) to waste on greuling manual tasks. Software integrations will bring your overall efficiency to maximum heights.

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Key Homebase software integrations

Now let’s get into the meat and potatoes of it all. What are the specific integrations available to you through Homebase and how can you use them to transform your business and streamline operations? We have the answers!

Point of sale (POS) integrations

Your POS data is worth its weight in gold—in fact, POS transactions make up 51% of retailers’ most valuable data, including average transaction value, sales per category, and sales per employee.

Homebase integrates with a range of POS systems, including Square, Shopify, Lightspeed, and Clover. So no matter how you manage sales, Homebase can help you track labor and sales together. You can automatically sync sales data with employee hours and scheduling, which saves you time, money, and paperwork. Plus, you can correlate how many sales come from which employees.

When labor and sales data works together, you can accurately calculate labor costs and optimize staffing levels as well. You may notice that certain times of the day or days in the week are busier and you have inflated sales—you can use your POS integration to determine when you should schedule more staffers and when you likely don’t need as many. This helps control labor costs and saves you the headache of over- or under-staffing. 

Payroll and accounting integrations

Payroll and other accounting tasks don’t have to be complicated. When you use the Homebase integration, you can seamlessly export employee hours and wages straight into your payroll systems. We integrate with the leading payroll providers like QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto, Paychex, and major banks. 

When your payroll and accounting information tracked by Homebase goes directly into your payroll system, you no longer have to depend on manual data entry and risk overlooking hours worked, overtime, or PTO. This makes it easy to ensure accurate payroll processing and gets your employees paid faster and easier. Plus, you no longer have to do a bunch of manual back end tasks. 

Time and attendance integrations

If you are tired of tracking down employee timesheets or manually entering time cards into your systems, you guessed it—software integrations save the day once again! With Homebase you can save time on tracking hours, breaks, and overtime from any device, ensuring you end every week with automated, accurate timesheets. 

The Homebase app seamlessly integrates with time clocks and biometric devices and automatically syncs employee clock-ins and clock-outs with your schedules. Plus, you have access to GPS-enabled time tracking for on-site and field teams that allows you to verify clock-in locations, take photos, and assign PINs to avoid time theft and buddy punching.

Time and attendance integrations also help you control labor costs. You’ll get alerts when employees approach overtime, and you can auto clock-out for them when they forget.

HR and benefits integrations

Managing the HR side of business can be complicated and it can be tricky to stay compliant if you aren’t careful. Luckily, software integrations with Homebase are essentially HR for people who don’t do HR. It’s like having a personal human resources expert in your pocket!

When you onboard new employees, there’s a lot of documentation to handle. With an integration, you can streamline employee onboarding and document management all in one tool so you can ditch the spreadsheets and file cabinets. Upload, e-sign, and securely store employee documents—sounds nice, right?

On top of that, you can easily sync employee data like emergency contacts, payroll details, and certifications with HR and benefits platforms. We integrate with HR platforms like Gusto, Zenefits, and more for comprehensive HR management. You can wipe that sweat off your brow—just use Homebase to ease the HR burden and get back to running and growing your business.

Real-world examples of Homebase integrations in action

Alright, this is all great information for small business owners, but don’t simply take our word for it. We have tons of clients who can sing the praises of our software integrations and prove that they really make running a business easier.

For example, one patisserie in California has been whipping up cheesecakes and pastries for over a decade. But they were no stranger to the struggles of managing a team and keeping labor costs in check. They were in over their heads with schedules, time cards, and paperwork. When they got sick of crunching numbers and juggling shifts, they turned to Homebase to get scheduling, time tracking, and payroll all in one place. Once they took that step, their labor costs began melting away thanks to real-time insights and alerts.

In another scenario, a popular tea business in Brooklyn found themselves with a jumbled scheduling system, which left everyone confused and stressed. It was difficult for them to create the culture that they wanted when they were stuck dealing with operational chaos. But when they joined Homebase, everything became easier with scheduling, time tracking, and messaging all in one place. Productivity, morale, and collaboration skyrocketed. Team culture became the forefront of their business just like they wanted.

Say goodbye to stress using Homebase.

Homebase software integrations are designed to make small business management easier, more efficient, and less overwhelming. Set up is a straightforward process. Our user-friendly interface guides you through the setup steps, and our support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

By putting these integrations to work for you, you can streamline workflows, reduce manual work, and focus on growing your business. With Homebase as your all-in-one platform, you’ll have the tools and integrations you need to simplify your operations. Quit surviving and start thriving today!


Can Homebase integrate with my existing software tools?

Yes, Homebase offers a wide range of integrations with popular software tools across various categories, including POS systems, payroll and accounting platforms, time and attendance devices, and HR and benefits providers. Check our integrations page to see if your existing tools are supported.

How difficult is it to set up Homebase's software integrations?

Setting up Homebase’s software integrations is typically a straightforward process. Our user-friendly interface guides you through the setup steps, and our support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Will my data be secure when using Homebase's software integrations?

Absolutely. Homebase employs industry-standard security measures to protect your data during the integration process. We use secure APIs and data encryption to ensure that your information is safely transferred between platforms.

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