We’re excited to announce that Homebase, the free solution for timekeeping and scheduling, now integrates with QuickBooks Online for easy accounting and payroll.

Intuit and QuickBooks are familiar names to business owners across the US, who rely on their software to help eliminate some of the headaches of running a business. Here at Homebase, we want to make it easy to manage the team that powers your business. We are proud to offer this integration with QuickBooks Online to make managing your business and team a little easier.

If you’re using Homebase today, you’re already saving time tracking your hours. With our free cloud-based timesheets, your team can easily clock-in, and you can track breaks, calculate overtime, and total hours automatically. Now, with this QuickBooks Online integration, you can save even more time on payroll.  Once you link your accounts, your hours can be exported directly from Homebase into QuickBooks Online. Instead of spending your time on data entry or correcting errors, you can spend your time on growing your business.

With QuickBooks Online, you’ll have an easy way to get your payroll done. Intuit Payroll links automatically to your accounting system to handle your taxes, withholdings, and make sure your hard-working team gets paid. Combine this with the free scheduling and communication tools of Homebase, and you’ll be spending less time every week on paperwork.

Already using Homebase? Look for the QuickBooks option under your payroll options in “settings” to link your account. Want to get started with Homebase? Find us in the Intuit App Center or sign-up for a free account here.

5 Responses to “Homebase + QuickBooks Online Combine for Easy Payroll”

    • I second that! We have no intentions of having QuickBooks Online but would love for Homebase to integrate with the desktop version.

      • Ravi Dehar

        Thanks for letting us know! I’ve shared your feedback with the product team.

        • Same here, we would seriously consider homebase if it would work with QuickBooks desktop. Unfortunately the lack of that capability is a deal killer for us. Please let me know if this functionality is added.


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