Homebase integration with Quickbooks Online: what you need to know

We’re excited to share that Homebase, the free timekeeping and scheduling solution, now integrates with QuickBooks Online to make accounting and payroll easier for small business owners.

QuickBooks and Intuit are well-known names in the business world. With the Homebase integration with Quickbooks Online, we’re making it even easier to manage your team and your business.

Quickbooks enhanced payroll with Homebase

Homebase’s free cloud-based timesheets help your team easily clock-in, track breaks, calculate overtime, and total hours automatically. With QuickBooks Online integration, you can combine these features and save more time on payroll too.

By linking your Homebase and QuickBooks accounts, you can export your hours directly, avoiding data entry or errors. Combining Homebase and QuickBooks, you can stay focused on growing your business.

Homebase time clock and timesheet integration with Quickbooks

Homebase offers time clocks that work with Quickbooks and timesheets that integrate with QuickBooks Online Plus. (The integration is currently not available with other editions of QuickBooks.) The integration allows you to automatically push labor hours tracked through Homebase time cards to your QuickBooks account.

If you’re using Homebase today, you’re already saving time tracking your hours. With our free cloud-based timesheets (and timesheet templates for fast and easy tracking), your team can easily clock-in. You can also track breaks, calculate overtime, and total hours automatically. 

Homebase payroll integration with Quickbooks

With the QuickBooks Online integration with Homebase, running payroll becomes even easier. Once you link your accounts, your hours can be exported directly from Homebase payroll into QuickBooks Online. This means less time spent on data entry or correcting errors.

With QuickBooks Online, you’ll have an easy way to get your payroll done. Intuit Payroll links automatically to your accounting system to handle your taxes, withholdings, and make sure your hard-working team gets paid. 

Homebase scheduling integration with Quickbooks

When you combine these Quickbooks features with the free scheduling and team communication tools of Homebase, you’ll be spending less time every week on paperwork. For those who are currently using TSheets, switching to Homebase should also result in significant cost-savings since the last TSheets pricing increase.

Homebase’s integration with QuickBooks Online is great news for small businesses. With automatic labor hour tracking and free time clock and timesheet integration, tracking hours and payroll has never been easier. 

Enhance your business with Homebase online and Quickbooks integration

Homebase’s scheduling and team communication tools, combined with QuickBooks’ payroll features create major time and cost savings as well.

If you’re already using Homebase, look for the QuickBooks option in your payroll settings to link your account, or sign up for a free account and start reaping the benefits of this integration today. Spend more time growing your business and less time on data entry with Homebase and QuickBooks.

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