Even more free HR resources available at joinhomebase.com

Last week, we launched out of beta to make our free timesheets and scheduling available for all businesses.

Today, we’re excited to partner with Restaurant HR Group to bring even more free HR resources to local business owners and managers.

We’ve setup a new mini-site with a ton of HR documents, forms, and checklists. We hate paperwork at Homebase, but until we can kill it all, we’ll help you make sure you’ve got what you need to run your business. You’ll find job descriptions, legal forms (everything from W-4s to uniform deductions), and interview guides.  There is even a comprehensive handbook you can tailor to your business. They are all available for download as word documents for easy customization.

All of these documents have been carefully created and curated by Restaurant HR Group, a leading HR support firm based in Chicago, IL.  We went looking for a partner who could bring experience and expertise to many of the questions that we get asked at Homebase. Restaurant HR Group has helped restaurants (and retailers) across the country navigate the complex rules and processes required for hourly work.

“Small business HR is complex and can be overwhelming to handle on your own.  At Restaurant HR Group, our passion is the people – and making sure business owners have all of the tools they need to build rock-solid HR departments. We’re thrilled to partner with Homebase, and share these resources with retailers and restaurateurs everywhere,” said Carrie Luxem, President and CEO of Restaurant HR Group.

We are here for you to eliminate your headaches and challenges with scheduling, timekeeping, and payroll. If you need more help with your HR questions, you can call or email Restaurant HR Group at 888-506-0718 and support@restaurantHRgroup.com. They are offering free initial consultations whether you are just opening your business, expanding, or want a review; just mention “Homebase”.

Look for even more tools and resources coming soon from Homebase + Restaurant HR Group