Most employees want to take time off work during the holidays. The most popular day of the season? Christmas Eve. Forty-nine percent of full-time workers want to take this day off as a holiday, while 14 percent plan to take it off using paid or unpaid leave.
As a local business owner, managing time-off requests and arranging schedules during the holidays can be a challenge, especially if you rely on old methods like spreadsheets and pen and paper. Employee scheduling software, on the other hand, makes scheduling work shifts much easier. Here are four reasons why you need one of these programs this holiday season.

1. Manage Time-Off Requests

In the run-up to the holiday season, expect an avalanche of time-off requests from employees who want to spend the holiday season with their friends and family. The period from Dec. 24 to Jan. 2 is particularly popular with workers.
How can you manage all these time-off requests? Employee scheduling software prioritizes workloads and lets you schedule work shifts over the holiday period. You can manage staff demand and authorize absences with just a few clicks of a mouse.

2. Automate Schedule Workflows

Using conventional scheduling methods like spreadsheets can be a long and laborious process, especially during the busy holiday period. Employee scheduling software, however, automates many of the tasks associated with scheduling, so you can spend more time on other jobs.
The best employee scheduling software forecasts staff demand during the holiday season, so you can avoid issues with over-and understaffing. This way, you can hire the right number of employees to carry out job duties during the holiday period.

3. Approve Schedule Changes

Work shift patterns can change at a moment’s notice, especially during the holidays. You might need to hire additional seasonal staff, for example. Employee scheduling software helps you manage these changes from a single dashboard. You don’t need a calculator or calendar — this software does all the hard work for you.
“Having a buffer in case of scheduling changes is crucial to avoid scheduling conflicts or shifts with no assigned worker,” says FinancesOnline. “For example, when one employee cannot make it to his/her shift, he/she can look for a replacement once the schedule is posted.”

4. Manage Employee No-Shows

The holiday period falls in the middle of cold and flu season. Employee scheduling software will help you manage employees who don’t turn up to work due to sickness. Use this software to update your work schedules and find alternative staff.
Research shows that employee absenteeism due to illness costs the economy $227 billion every year. Employee scheduling software lets you manage absences better and reduce the impact sickness has on your company’s bottom line.
These are just four reasons why your organization needs employee scheduling software this holiday season. These programs let you manage time-off requests, automate workflows, approve schedule changes and handle employee no-shows from your desktop, laptop or mobile device.
Our staff scheduling software streamlines scheduling and time management during the holidays. Use it to facilitate time-off requests, forecast labor costs and build schedules that you can share with your team.