Free Construction Time Clock and Timesheet App

No more timesheet turmoil — keeping tabs on your construction crew’s hours just got easier than ever.

  • Ensure accurate on-site attendance with our GPS-enabled time clock
  • Auto-generate detailed timesheets out of clock in and clock out data — no manual input needed
  • Use our built-in payroll system or seamlessly integrate with leading third-party services

Effortless time tracking, anytime, anywhere

Clock in and out on-the-go, no hassles

Crew members can sign in and out of work with almost any device, whether they’re on or offsite. 

Buddy punching? Not on our watch

Homebase’s time tracking system makes sure each worker only clocks in for themselves. That eliminates the chance of buddy punching or time theft and fosters a transparent work environment.

Overtime? Get alerts before it happens

Stay in control of labor costs without the stress. Homebase sends automatic alerts when crew members are nearing overtime, so you can manage hours proactively and stay compliant without overthinking it.

Your team, pinpointed with GPS time tracking

GPS snapshots for accurate attendance at your fingertips

Experience seamless employee monitoring with GPS time tracking snapshots that record team members’ exact locations during clock ins and clock outs. 

Never miss a beat with timely clock ins and simplified approvals

Your crew will get friendly reminders to sign into work on time, while you enjoy a hassle-free approval process with side-by-side views of clock in locations and time cards. 

GPS accountability makes for a responsible crew

With GPS-verified sign ins and outs, every team member’s attendance is individually recorded, building an atmosphere of trust and responsibility on your job site.

Streamline accounting with detailed timesheets

Save time and boost efficiency with automated timesheets 

When your crew clocks in and out using Homebase, the platform automatically generates detailed timesheets, leaving more room to focus on what matters most — managing your construction project.

No more guesswork with accurate payroll preparation

With detailed, error-free records of each team member’s work hours, breaks, and overtime, preparing for payroll becomes a breeze. Ensure correct, timely pay for your hard-working crew without any hassle.

Plan ahead with granular labor cost reporting

Clearly understand your labor needs in the past, present, and future to optimize staff, strategize for future projects, and avoid sticky shortages down the road. No more last-minute scrambling — just a clear view into the future of your construction business.

Take charge of time with dynamic scheduling

Craft the perfect schedule

Construct the perfect employee timetable with simple tools to collect availability, assign shifts and roles, and create templates to reuse in the future. Plus, team members will get notified when schedules are published or adjusted, so no one will ever miss a beat.

Stay on budget with real-time labor analysis

As you build your schedule, Homebase provides real-time labor cost estimates. That means you can verify whether your plans match up with your budget and avoid any unpleasant surprises when you start processing payroll.

Empower your crew with mobile access

Give your team the freedom to check schedules, trade shifts, leave shift notes, and chat with colleagues directly from their mobile devices, whether they’re at a job site or on the go. Plus, it’s so easy to use that anyone can pick up our mobile app and start using it right away.

Take control of accounting with built-in payroll

A smooth transition from timesheets to paychecks

Every clock in, break, and overtime hour is automatically accounted for, which ensures fair pay for your team and takes the guesswork out of payroll calculations. And Homebase payroll not only ensures your team gets paid on time, every time but also eliminates the need for an external accountant. 

Your one-stop payroll solution

From onboarding new hires to filing tax payments and making direct deposits, Homebase can handle it all. Running payroll becomes nothing more than a few clicks, letting you focus more on moving your construction business forward and less on administrative work.

Integrations that work for you

If you have a preferred payroll solution already and aren’t ready to make the switch to our built-in system, Homebase plays well with other top providers — Paychex, Gusto, Rippling, and QuickBooks, just to name a few. 

Connect coworkers with our handy team communication app

Instant connection, better collaboration

Whether they’re at a job site or in the office, team members can instantly share updates, ask questions, or coordinate tasks with Homebase’s employee messaging app

Make announcements count

Important updates need to be seen, not missed in the chaos. Homebase’s team communication app allows owners and managers to share company news, project announcements, and daily updates in a centralized space, ensuring everyone stays in the loop.

A virtual assistant to keep you on track

With customizable reminders and alerts, your team won’t ever miss important dates and tasks. Plus, you can track performance, provide immediate feedback, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

FAQs about construction timesheet apps

How to keep track of construction employee hours?

You can keep track of your construction employee hours effortlessly with Homebase’s time clock feature, where your crew can sign in and out of work, even from their mobile devices. Then, the tool generates automatic timesheets, giving you an accurate record of the hours all your employees worked. Homebase’s GPS feature also ensures team members sign in from the correct job site. And with detailed reports and real-time updates, you’ll always be on top of labor costs.

Is there a construction app for clocking in and out?

Yes, a tool like Homebase lets your crew clock in or out from anywhere using their mobile devices, making it perfect for distributed and spread-out teams. Our platform also offers the added benefit of GPS tracking to ensure everyone is at the correct location when they sign into work. These sign ins and outs seamlessly translate into detailed timesheets, automating much of your payroll process. With Homebase, managing your crew’s time becomes simpler, more accurate, and highly efficient.

How to track and maintain work hours on construction projects?

Homebase’s time clock feature lets your crew sign in and out of their shifts from their mobile devices, which automatically generates accurate timesheets. It’s a simple, hassle-free solution that saves you from manually keeping track of countless work hours and empowers you to focus on moving your business forward.

How to track hours worked on construction jobs?

You can track the hours that crew members work on construction jobs with Homebase’s simple team management tools. For example, our time clock feature allows your crew to clock in and out of work from their mobile devices with just a few clicks. In addition, Homebase automatically creates detailed timesheets from that sign in data, saving you tons of time and hassle when processing payroll. You can even proactively manage labor costs and compliance by setting up employee reminders and alerts.

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