My favorite feature is one we recently released – Shout Outs. It allows teammates to recognize one another for a job well done. It’s really easy to use! Once you’ve finished working a shift, sign in on the Homebase Employee Scheduling app for iPhone and Android. A small card will appear on the app’s dashboard showing who worked with you during your last shift. You’ll be able to celebrate them for going Above & Beyond, being a Team Player, or having a Great Attitude (and more!).

  • Tap on the profile photo of the person you’d like to shout out, or just tap anywhere on the card to pick another teammate.
  • Select which type of shout out you’d like to send to them.
  • Add an optional note letting everyone know exactly what makes your teammate so special.
  • Tap “Share with Team” and your entire team will be notified of this amazing accomplishment.
  • The shout out will be sent to your entire team through the Celebration chat group in Messaging.

Note: you can only send one shout out per shift worked – so send wisely!

3 Responses to “My Favorite Feature: Shout Outs”

  1. Hi! Can Managers not give shout outs? Because I don’t have the same home screen as employees, and this did not work for me.


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