My favorite feature: Shout Outs

My favorite feature on Homebase is one that promotes team bonding, employee appreciation, and general workplace happiness: Homebase Shout Outs. This exciting feature allows teammates to take a moment and recognize other staff members if they did something exceptionally well during shift.

The best aspect about the new feature is that it is extremely easy to learn and use. However, what makes this feature special is that employees can only send one shout out per shift. This way their coworkers will feel appreciated that the daily shout out was used on them for their job well done. 

Shoutouts team members can recognize coworkers with include:

  • Above and Beyond: Did the employee do something that went outside the realm of their normal day-to-day routine? Maybe they showed up to work early to get some extra cleaning in, or maybe they took it upon themselves to come up with a new idea that improved the business.
  • Team Player: Working well with others can sometimes be challenging in certain scenarios, but it’s crucial to a well-performing team. This Shout Out would go to someone who really exemplified this important aspect of a shift in a great way.
  • Great Attitude: A great attitude is another essential characteristic of an exemplary team member. If an employee does a particularly great job at showcasing positive vibes and motivated the group, this Shout Out is for them.

To give a Shout Out to a coworker, an employee first needs to be signed into the Homebase scheduling app. Truthfully, though, they’re probably already signed in anyways since it’s so connected to everything that comes with starting and ending a shift. 

When the employee is signed in and their shift is over, they will see a small card on the dashboard of the app that displays who was working with them on the last shift. The employee then needs to tap on the profile photo of the person they would like to give a shout out to. They can also just tap anywhere on the card to pick another teammate.

Then, they will need to select which type of Shout Out they would like to send. The team member will be able to add an optional note in order to let everyone know why the teammate deserves that specific Shout Out.

Lastly, the employee will need to tap “Share with Team.” Then, the entire team will get a notification through the Celebration chat group in Homebase messaging, alerting them of their coworker’s accomplishment.

Remember, employees can only send one shout out per shift worked – so let them know they need to send wisely!

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