And the Employee Appreciation Day Award Goes to…

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Employee Appreciation Day is exactly what it sounds like: a day to celebrate employees on the front lines in businesses around the country.

A few weeks ago, we asked Homebase businesses to share their plans for Employee Appreciation Day, so we could join in the fun, with prizes ranging from $1000 to celebrate their team to free Homebase Plus subscriptions worth $360. We voted looking for the most creative and memorable ideas, which was tough. We were floored by the thoughtful plans everyone had for celebrating their employees today.

There were tons of amazing submissions, which we’ll be highlighting next week. Today, we’re highlighting the first-place winner. 

1st Place: La La Land Gigi’s Cupcakes, Lafayette, IN

For owner Emily, it might as well be called “Everyone Appreciation Day.”

Emily (left) awarding her first Employee of the Month last year.

“We bake all our products fresh each day (cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies and more), and we bake A LOT of love into them.  At the end of each night I take donations out to servants within our local community (police, firefighters, EMTs, social workers, teachers, etc.).

“Even though there are 363 days a year we donate, we aren’t able to reach everyone that deserves our delicious cupcakes.  I frequently make fresh ones and take those out too when I can.  This is a passion our entire team has: to bake and give back.  

“As the owner, I am the one that takes the cupcakes out to our public servants, so I get to see all the love we spread throughout the community.  My team sees the pictures and knows they were part of the process, but it’s not quite the same.

“I have always wanted to be able to take the whole team out and help me spread the cupcake love. And not just taking them to one school a day out of the over 100; or two floors of the eight floors at the hospital; or 1 of the 8 local police stations.

“This year, on Team Appreciation Day, I am enlisting the entire team and paying them as usual to help me bake and distribute an extra 500 mini cupcakes to our community servants to say THANK YOU.


The Gigi’s Cupcakes Lafayette team celebrating their one year anniversary.

“Our Greater Lafayette area is full of AMAZING people and is an AWESOME community!  It may not seem like this is for the team, but if you knew our team you would understand our personalities: spreading the cupcake love generates smiles, warms the heart and helps everyone feel like a bigger part of the team.”

Emily appreciates not only her team, but her whole community, and she shows the love year-round. We can’t think of any team more deserving of first place.

Now it’s about time for us here at Homebase to celebrate too. We’ll be competing in an Iron Chef-style competition, using ingredients from our break room.  

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! How are you celebrating?

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