About the business

  • Type: Cafe, Retail, Catering, Farm
  • Location: Somerset, VA
  • POS: Square
  • Payroll: Quickbooks



Located in Somerset, VA on the beautiful 600-acre Grelen nursery, The Market at Grelen is a unique destination that offers a wide variety of services, including: a casual cafe, garden shop, workshops & events, pick-your-own fruit, and much more.

Grelen does a little bit of everything, from weddings to Sunday brunch to running a gardening shop, and based on the reviews, it does them all exceedingly well. Guests were wowed by the “beautiful place, hospitable staff, and delicious food.” Grelen even earned rave reviews some guests that had planned their wedding during a hurricane!

The problem

Prior to finding Homebase, Emmie was using Google Spreadsheets to schedule employees at Grelen. It was complex and time consuming to plan shifts.


How Homebase helped

“There are a lot of different roles here, and with Homebase I’m able to schedule if you’re working an event, in our shop, in our cafe, or if you’re working a catering event remotely. I can schedule that all in one place. Everyone knows what their role will be that day.”

Homebase made tracking hours a lot easier, and managing my labor budget. Plus, it’s easier for me to communicate the schedule to everyone. Everyone has the app, and gets the email alerts. It’s really easy to pass along any schedule changes.

| Owner at The Market at Grelen

With all the time she saved, Emmie and her staff can continue to focus on providing amazing guest experiences for people like Erinn, who said that Grelen “blew her socks off!”