About the business

  • Type: Clothing, Retail
  • Location: Decatur, GA
  • POS: Clover
  • Payroll: Quickbooks

Squash Blossom Boutique is a women’s retail store. Featuring a mix of local designers and national brands, customers love the unique selection of shoes, clothing, and jewelry. According to one reviewer, “I feel like I could probably buy something every single time I go there.”

Prior to buying Squash Blossom two years ago, Lisa had a 20 year career in information technology, working for Coca-Cola and other large companies. She’d always dreamed of having a retail store, but kept pushing it off until retirement. Then she stumbled upon the opportunity to buy Squash Blossom and leaped at it.

Because Lisa didn’t have much experience beyond working at a mall retailer while in college, she had to learn the business side of things: buying, budgeting, finances, etc. One thing she didn’t have to worry about was the customer experience at Squash Blossom: customers rave about the “super friendly and helpful staff.”


The problem

After buying the store, Lisa scoured the market for tools to automate the business. There wasn’t much in place when she bought the store. They previously made a schedule as a Microsoft Word document. Clocking in and out was on the honor system.

According to Lisa, “I knew there had to be a better way.”

How Homebase helped

Lisa says, “There are really a lot of things I love about Homebase. I love the idea that I can make updates and it pushes out to everyone’s phone.”  

Homebase helps keep things organized, and allows Lisa to build her employee schedule when she’s ready. If an employee “asks for days off three months in advance, it reminds me when I’m making the schedule.”

There was very little tech when I bought the store. I knew there had to be another way.

Lisa | Owner at Squash Blossom Boutique

Lisa also loves that “employees can trade shifts and schedules. And I like the reporting on clock ins. It’s nice to have those analytics.”

Now, with all the time she’s saved, Lisa’s looking towards the future: “I’m planning to start designing my own label, and maybe even opening a second location.” With an average of over four-and-a-half stars across multiple review sites, customers will be lining up.