About Scores Fun Center

  • Business Type: Bowling Alley,  Laser Tag, Party Center
  • Location: Painesville, OH
  • Employees: 40
  • POS: Clover
  • Food Supplier: US Foods


Located in Painesville, Ohio, Scores Fun Center offers a variety of activities for kids, adults, and everyone in-between. From bowling to laser tag, Scores is the perfect place to while away an afternoon. At night, Scores takes things to the next level with live music, “cosmic” bowling, and much more, along with an on-site pro-shop  and snack bar.

Scores Family Fun Center

The Problem

Ryan, a manager at Scores, found Homebase through our integration with their new point of sale system. Before Homebase, Ryan was using Microsoft Word for scheduling. “I created a table in Word, but things got tricky when I needed to make last-minute changes, and I needed to be sure everyone saw the updates.”

How Homebase Helped

“Homebase keeps everything up to date on everyone’s phone,” Ryan continued. “And it saves a ton of time on payroll. Before Homebase, to request time off, our employees would put a paper note on my desk, and they were really piling up. I didn’t always see them before I had published the schedule.  Now I get a notification and an email.”

“Homebase saves us a lot of time and prevents a ton of headaches. It’s very user friendly and very easy to use all around.”