Customer Story: Barts Ice Cream Company

The Barts Ice Cream Company scoop shop serves up handcrafted premium ice cream, locally roasted coffee, and pastries in their new Amherst, MA location. The Scoop Shop has 10 associates who help manage day-today operations.

“With Homebase, scheduling and payroll now takes less than 15 minutes a week.”

– Eliana Lopez, Barts Ice Cream

The Challenge:

How do you build a business from scratch when you don’t live close to your new brick and mortar location?

Eliana Lopez and Tom Schmidt’s work with Barts Ice Cream Company takes them all over New England. Four months ago, they decided to reopen the iconic Barts Ice Cream storefront in Amherst, MA that had occupied that location for 30 years until 2015. It was Labor Day weekend and with the local community chanting “Barts is back!”, the pressure was on.

The Solution:

Syncing automatically with your payroll provider and point of sale system, Homebase gives owners the tools and resources to manage their business wherever they are.

Right from the start, Eliana and Tom used Homebase to manage several facets of the operation remotely. They knew of Homebase from a previous employer and were aware of everything it could do. Once they learned about the Homebase and Square integration, it was an easy decision to use the pair.

They identified 3 major benefits from using Homebase:

More Employee Satisfaction

“Our employees thought Homebase and all its features was a professional and efficient tool.”

Barts’ workforce is primarily students from 5 different colleges with very diverse lives and schedules. Since using the software, employees have said Homebase allows them to easily manage their own schedule. They are able to submit their availability around classes and exams, giving them control and flexibility. This removes the stress of managing paper timesheets and incompatible schedules.

Better Team Communication

“It became evident that [Homebase] provided a single source of communication.”

Homebase gives Eliana and Tom the tools and resources to be outside of the store. The text and inapp notifications keep them abreast of what is happening in real time. And no matter where they are, they can make changes to help their team run smoothly.

Quick and Easy Timesheets

“The [payroll and Homebase] integration takes the worry and headache out of timesheets.”

With just a few clicks, Homebase populates workers’ wages, taxable wages, hours worked and break information into Square Payroll. Homebase helped Barts improve their level of accuracy in their timesheets. That means no more double or triple checking manual calculations for their team.

Learn more about how Homebase can help your business manage your team

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