The EMV deadline is only 99 days away, which means it might be time to upgrade your terminal.  Now if you were upgrading a ten-year old phone today, you’d probably get a smart phone that could do a lot more than make calls. If you need to upgrade your terminal, why get one that just accepts payments?

Last week, First Data launched the Clover Mini, a “smart” terminal that can do a lot more than swipe credit cards. Now, with the free Homebase app, you can turn this Clover Mini into a time clock too.

We’ve designed a time clock specifically for the Clover Mini. With this free app, your employees can clock-in and record their breaks on the same device you’ve got sitting on your counter. You can replace your old punch cards with powerful cloud-based timesheets that can total hours, track overtime, and quickly export to payroll. And you can do it without having to setup a separate computer or tablet.

We’ve also added ShiftPic, a new feature off the Homebase assembly line. Now when your team clocks-in or -out, Homebase will take a picture of their smiling faces using the Mini’s front-facing camera.  Your team can have some fun with the pictures, and you have an easier way to manage your staffing remotely. (We’ve also added this to our free iPad time clock).

With your Homebase account, you’ll also have access to all of the other great tools we provide for free, including employee scheduling, time-off tracking, and messaging.  You can build a schedule online in minutes, and send it to your employees via email, text or our free iPhone and Android apps. Your team will even be able to check the schedule directly on the Clover Mini, so you can take that unsightly piece of paper off the wall too.

Already a Clover customer? Download Homebase in the Clover App Market.

Not a Clover customer? Create a free Homebase account and start saving time today.