20 best seasonal business ideas (and what you need to get started)

If you experience a professional lull at certain times of the year, you might want to seize the opportunity, get involved in a seasonal business, and make some extra cash. Fortunately, the world of seasonal work is full of possibilities for people like you.

But you know you can’t just pick a business at random. Whatever seasonal job you choose has to be something you’re good at and enjoy doing. Plus, there needs to be a demand for it at the time of year when you’re free.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of seasonal business ideas to give you some inspiration. We’ve explained when you can do them, what you need to get started, and who they’re ideally suited for, so let’s begin.

1. Garden maintenance 

As the days get hotter and sunnier, people’s gardens spring back to life. That’s when they’ll start looking for gardeners, lawn care specialists, and landscapers to maintain or even makeover their outdoor spaces.

But don’t take garden maintenance lightly — a lot goes into learning how to start a successful lawn mowing or landscaping business. You’ve got to buy or rent a lot of equipment like shears, trimmers, and mowers. Plus, if you plan to hire minors, you need to check child labor laws to see which tools they’re allowed to use. You could face a serious fine if you asked a 15-year-old to operate a lawn mower, for example.

Depending on your state, you may also need a license to offer some services, as you may have to handle hazardous materials like pesticides and fertilizers.

2. Pool care

During the warmer months, people flock to bodies of water to cool down. If you live in an area with a lot of water facilities, you can capitalize on this to start a pool maintenance business. You’re ideally situated if you live in a warm southern state like Florida or Texas and within a residential zone or near a resort area.

Like with garden maintenance, pool care means handling and disposing of chemicals, so you need to obtain all the relevant paperwork and abide by state regulations. To navigate all these compliance issues and more, consider talking to an expert like one of Homebase’s on-demand HR professionals.

3. Outdoor upkeep and repair

Matthew McConaughey talked to Omega Roofing, based in Rupert, Idaho, about the journey of starting their small business.

The summer months are ideal for painting houses and roofing. There are more hours of daylight to get jobs done and less chance of rain or other bad weather interrupting you. 

If you’re a contractor who works in construction and wants to broaden your expertise, this could be an excellent opportunity for you. You probably already have some existing skills, experience, and equipment you can leverage in this kind of business. Plus, you may already have an understanding of the demand for similar work in your area.

Like the previous two ideas we mentioned, outdoor upkeep and repair businesses require a lot of paperwork. However, there’s an extra layer of complexity because your team will have to use ladders and scaffolds. Be sure to check all the safety regulations for this kind of equipment, working at heights, and building codes.

Learn more about how Homebase helped the Rupert, Idaho-based roofing business Omega Roofing streamline its operations.

4. Tax preparation services

Many countries expect their citizens to file taxes between the late spring and late summer. So, if you’ve got some math and accounting skills, you could offer a tax preparation service during this time of the year. You’ll need to pay for the relevant certifications and software, but otherwise, you don’t need many resources to start this kind of business, and it can be very profitable. 

5. Tree maintenance

Summer is the best time to prune branches and hedges as the sun can encourage healthy regrowth. The stable weather conditions also make it easier to plant saplings and remove dead trees. That’s why many customers might call a tree service in late spring.

This is a great business opportunity if you have the money to invest in equipment like chainsaws and climbing gear. It’s also one of the highest-paid jobs on this list at an average of US$21 per hour. But it requires some specialist knowledge in biology, so you may want to steer clear if you haven’t got any relevant experience or interest in the subject.

6. Moving services

People are more likely to move house during the warmer months due to the fine weather and time off work. If you already have a truck or van, this could present you with an excellent business opportunity.

But moving is about more than just packing up boxes and furniture and driving them to a different location. This business often has strict deadlines due to closing dates and utility transfers. That means you need to be able to manage time effectively and stick to a schedule. 

Nowadays, most moving services rely on scheduling software like Homebase to make sure their team knows where to go and at what time. The best solutions also have flexible time clocks that work on all kinds of devices (and have dedicated mobile apps) so managers can easily check people have clocked into work and manage dispersed teams without trying to be in multiple places at once.

7. Tour and hiking guides

If you’ve got special insights into your local area, you could start a guide business. You don’t necessarily need to be a history buff or a nature expert, though. Recently, niche tourism has become more popular, so you can offer guided tours based on your own interests and knowledge. For instance, the Witchwood Tours runs walks through the Salem woods and teaches participants about the local folklore of the area.

 To give you some inspiration, here are some more examples: 

  • Wellness hikes with stops for yoga sessions or guided meditations
  • Night walks to go stargazing or moonbathing
  • Culinary tours to explore local restaurants, cafes, and bars
  • Ghost walks around all the haunted places in your town

However, starting a tour business isn’t as simple as picking an idea and waiting in town with a sign. Tourists may want to check out your business online before they agree to pay for a guided walk. In addition, as you start, you need to develop a social media presence and build some positive ratings to attract customers.

Winter season

The cold months create some unique problems that your business could solve. Let’s look at some interesting possible ideas.

8. Snow removal 

Snow isn’t just inconvenient — many states require homeowners and landlords to clear it from the sidewalk in front of their property. That means if your local area gets snow, you can count on demand for winter maintenance services. 

Better yet, you can tailor your services to your budget. If you have some seed money, you can invest in machines like salt spreaders, plows, and blowers. But if you have limited funds, you can use simple shovels and brooms.

However, there’s a big drawback to starting a snow removal business — snow can fall at any time, so your team members may have to be on call from morning until evening. That means you’ll have to put extra effort into hiring seasonal employees with flexible availability.

9. Weatherproofing 

If you like the sound of a snow removal business but aren’t available around the clock, perhaps a weatherproofing service would suit you better. Customers will make appointments with you ahead of time, so you won’t need to be on call. 

Similar to snow removal, there’s always a demand for weatherproofing in winter, and you can choose which specific services you want to provide. For instance, you can offer waterproofing, weatherization, air sealing, or a combination of the three. 

10. Fireplace and chimney services

Although fireplaces and chimneys have become less popular in recent years, many homes still have them. So, there’s a definite demand for them to get cleaned and prepared for open fires in the winter months. That means if you live in an area with a good number of old-fashioned houses, you might be in a good spot to run a fireplace and chimney maintenance business. But you’ll need specialist equipment like vacuums, inspection cameras, and insurance before you can begin.

11. Towing and breakdown service

Cold weather causes a lot of car troubles, like dead batteries and flat tires, which leads to a demand for towing services. However, you have to consider: 

  • Applying for licensing and permits
  • Registering your business
  • Buying the correct towing vehicles and equipment like winches and tow bars
  • Hiring trained and certified drivers
  • Staying compliant with the weight limit and vehicle storage regulations

 As towing and breakdown services require a high degree of expertise, this idea is best for someone who already has a lot of knowledge about and experience with mechanics and auto repairs.

12. Winter concierge service 

If you have time in the colder months but don’t have any expertise or equipment, a winter concierge service might work for you. This kind of business involves running errands for vulnerable groups like the elderly and disabled in adverse weather conditions. Then, your customers won’t have to risk a fall or exacerbating a health condition when the temperature is below freezing. 

Given the nature of the job, your business will be more likely to succeed if you live in a cold weather state. The climate in other places may fluctuate too wildly or not get cold enough to create a steady demand for your services. 


The following ideas can work during different seasons or with various kinds of weather, depending on your approach. Ultimately, you can choose the time and type that suits you best.

13. Refreshments

Certain kinds of food and drink are popular at different times of the year. The obvious examples are ice cream in the summer and hot cider or cocoa in the winter, but there are also seasonal delicacies like pumpkins and roasted nuts. That means you can open various kinds of refreshment stands or food trucks, no matter the season.

However, food and beverage businesses require more investment and preparation than some other ideas on this list. You need:

A food truck, mobile kitchen, or refreshment stand

  • A suitable parking spot
  • Businesses permits and licenses
  • Reputable suppliers
  • Trained and certified catering staff

Although Homebase can’t pay for your truck, our platform can help you onboard seasonal employees and manage their documents. Our onboarding feature lets new team members upload paperwork to our cloud storage system. Once the documents are there, you’ll be able to refer back to them at any time and even receive notifications if anything is approaching its expiry date.

14. Equipment rentals

Many popular sports and activities are weather dependent. And although people enjoy them, they may not want to store large pieces of equipment like skis, canoes, paddleboards, or surfboards all year round. That’s when they turn to rental businesses.

If you’ve got a lot of storage space and some initial capital to invest, this could be the ideal venture for you. As there are so many options, you can pick the months and activities that suit you the most. All you have to do is buy the equipment that you’re going to rent to customers and its insurance.

15. Holiday decor installation

Another business you can run at different times of year is holiday decor installation. Traditionally, people only decorated their houses for Christmas and other winter holidays. But now, with the rise of social media, everyone’s keen to outdo each other’s Instagram photos and there’s a demand during several major holidays like Easter and Halloween. Some people may also want help setting up holiday decor if they’re organizing a special event or party.

If you’re offering full-service installation where you supply the decorations, you’ll also need a small business app that has inventory management capabilities. That way, you can keep track of your stock and easily show customers what you have available.

16. HVAC installation and repair

With the recent rise in extreme temperatures, HVAC installation and repair are becoming more in demand with each passing year. This kind of business requires an initial investment in equipment, tools, and training but pays off in the long term. Once you’ve built a loyal customer base, you can keep returning to their houses every winter or summer to perform upkeep on their HVAC units or become the person they call each time they need a repair.

17. Camps and seasonal activities

For teachers on a school break, starting a camp can be an excellent way to generate more cash. This idea might seem like a large undertaking, but you don’t need a big location — plenty of day camps operate out of a single room. Here are some popular ideas:

Sports and outdoor activities

  • STEM (science, tech, engineering, and math) education
  • Arts, drama, and crafts
  • Adventure camps with hiking, camping, and climbing

18. House and pet-sitting

If you’re a student or fresh graduate, you may not have the resources or expertise to pull off some of the other ideas on this list. But there’s nothing stopping you from running a house and pet-sitting service.

First, a house and pet-sitting service doesn’t require any startup money, special equipment, or experience. All you have to do is run simple errands like collect the mail, walk the dog, and water the plants. Second, peak vacation times usually line up with high school and college breaks, so you’ll be available when customers need you.

However, one hurdle you’ll need to overcome is gaining potential customers’ trust. They want to know that the people they’re letting in their homes are reliable and honest. That means you’ll have to work hard to advertise your business and collect positive reviews at the start.

19. Tutoring

Another great option for student entrepreneurs is tutoring. Like house sitting, this idea doesn’t have any startup costs, and there’s often a demand for study sessions before exams and catch-up classes during academic breaks. You can earn around US$19 per hour, although that rate also usually encompasses the separate unpaid time you’ll need to invest for preparation and travel. 

But because tutoring is such an easy business to start, you’ll face a lot of competition. That’s why it’s essential to ask for referrals, gather testimonials, and make sure any teachers you hire are experienced and professional to maintain a high-quality service.

20. Event planning and services

People have special milestones, events, and parties every month, so you can operate this kind of business at any time of the year. You could specialize in egg hunts in April, corn mazes in summer, or haunted houses at Halloween.  

There’s also a range of services you can offer, so design your business around your specialties and the size of your team. For example, if you normally run a flower shop, you could make and deliver winter wreaths during the off-season. Or, if you’re a drama teacher, you could act as characters in themed parties during school breaks.

Run your seasonal business effortlessly with Homebase

Homebase has got everything you need to start a successful seasonal business without any hassle. 

If you’re a new entrepreneur on a tight budget, you can use the basic scheduling and time tracking tools that are included in our free plan. More established business owners can upgrade to use our hiring and onboarding tools and recruit the best candidates fast. And we have HR experts on hand to make sure you don’t overlook any compliance issues that could cause penalties and stop your business from truly taking off.

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