5 best free to-do list apps

Staying on track as an entrepreneur takes a fair bit of organization. With some handy to-do apps — that are free! — you can up your game. There’s an app for almost any personality, whether you want to keep it all strictly business or make your tasks into a rewards-based online game. As we start 2019, now’s as good a time as ever to try and get more organized.

Microsoft To-Do

Each day is new — that’s the philosophy behind Microsoft To-Do. This app lets you wake up to an empty calendar that you can fill with your daily priorities. If you need some help, the app provides clever suggestions based on your past history. The tool is especially convenient if you are a regular user of Microsoft Office, as it is an integral feature of this software suite.


Apparently Dwight Eisenhower — aka, “Ike” — had a particular organizational method. The grid at the heart of the Ike to-do app follows this way of categorizing things that have to get done. With Ike, you first tag a task as “focus,” “goals,” “fit-in,” or “backburner.” That means that at a glance, you’ll know what’s really important — and not get distracted by something that can be put off for a little while. The app also lets you put in due dates, reminders, and notes so you’ll always stay on track for all the items on your to-do list.


The folks at Todoist offer something everyone seems to need: peace of mind. The makers of the user-friendly app encourage users to write out a task as soon as they think of it. In a few seconds, you can give the task a one-time or recurring deadline, priority level, and delegate it to someone else — or keep it on your own calendar. The “set it and forget it” methodology has made Todoist a well-known app used by millions worldwide.


For some entrepreneurs, getting organized is only half the battle. Sometimes, you need a little bit of extra motivation to complete tasks — including those you secretly wish you didn’t have to do. If you’d rather spend some time in a game, make Habitica your to-do app. This unique take on the task list rewards you for completing tasks and meeting your goals. If you don’t already think of life as a bit of a game, this app can help you see it that way — and get stuff done in the process.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners like to think they can do it all. In many cases, they can — but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from an app to keep all of their tasks front-of-mind. 

With the right technology, you can make sure nothing slips through the cracks, and every task gets the attention it deserves as you are building your company. And don’t forget there are other aspects of your life you can organize too, like managing and scheduling your team!

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