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Getting the respect and approval of your bar manager might be easier than you think. If you’re trying to prove that you’re ready for a promotion or simply show that you’re a reliable bartender, impressing and delighting your bar manager on the floor will go a long way.


BevSpot talked to some of the best bar managers in the country to get their insights on what skills they find impressive in a bartender. Here are a few simple tips they pulled from those conversations.


Keep your bar clean and organized

Although it may seem like tedious busywork at times, taking care to thoroughly maintain the bar before, during and after service is paramount to great bartending. Small but important tasks like vigilantly making sure surfaces are spotless and smooth, properly sanitizing the soda gun and taps, polishing glassware, and making sure all the bar tools and well spirits are properly stocked and in their place can show that you respect and care about your bar.


Be quick and efficient during service

It can be really easy to fall into the lull of a slow service. But the best bartenders will stay active by doing some of the tasks mentioned above and always be prepared to handle a surprise rush at any time.[bctt tweet=”Run through cocktail recipes and mentally prep how to tackle orders in the quickest and most efficient pace for you.” username=”@bevspot”] Some things you can do to prepare are simply practicing your pour skills with water, if you aren’t allowed to do it with real product. You’ll build up speed in your skills in preparation for the real rush. You can also run through cocktail recipes and mentally prepare for how to tackle possible drink orders in the quickest and most efficient pace for you.


Have patience and a strong commitment to hospitality

We’ve all been there—that moment when a nightmare guest walks through the door, seemingly determined to ruin your night. A sign to bar managers that you’re ready to handle more responsibilities is being able to keep your emotions in check and remain committed to the best level of service possible during these difficult customer situations. Also, taking the extra step to really get to know your regulars and remembering their favorite drink orders can not only improve the tips you bring in for yourself but also show your bar manager that you’re on top of everything.[bctt tweet=”Handle nightmare guests with your emotions in check, remain committed to the best level of service possible.” username=”@bevspot”]


A great bartender isn’t just an expert drink-slinger. If you’re looking to bring in more tips, impress your manager and potentially get a promotion, this advice will put you on the right track. Make sure to check out BevSpot for more tips to advance your career and more tools to put your bar on the map.