You may be looking to revamp your business as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the altered needs of your customers. But where do you start? There are many factors that go into pivoting your operations, no matter what your pivot is. 

Are you moving to remote work instead of in-office employees? Do you want to add delivery or curbside service to your restaurant? Are you interested in taking things virtual? The first step in successfully implementing any of these changes—whether temporarily or permanently—is to know how to get started. 

We compiled 21 helpful guides on how to try new business operations. Below you’ll find tips for the most common business adaptations in response to COVID-19 that will help you take the first steps toward successfully altering the way you do business. 

Remote work

If your employees are able to work from home, you may be considering a more long-term, work-from-home solution to keeping everyone distant and productive. Here are a few guides on the different aspects that go into running a remote team. 

How to transition your team to remote work 

Guide to hiring remote employees

How to onboard remote employees 

Tips for managing remote employees

How to build culture in a remote team 


If delivery wasn’t part of your restaurant (or retail!) operational plan before COVID-19, it should be now in order to reach as many customers as possible. Take a look at these tips on how to launch a delivery service as part of your new business operations, as well as how to participate in some of the most popular third-party companies. 

Tips for shifting to delivery

How to become an Uber Eats restaurant

Get started with DoorDash 

How to partner with Postmates 

Become a Favor merchant 


If consumers have learned anything during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that shopping online from the comfort of their couch is easy, convenient, and safe. In fact, online retail shopping grew 129% year over year in the U.S. and Canada as of April 21. These guides will help you find the best e-commerce site for your needs, as well as how to start and succeed with online retail. 

Best e-commerce platforms for small businesses

How to start an e-commerce business

E-commerce tips for small business owners 


Curbside is a great way to show your customers you care about everyone’s health and safety. Many owners have added creative ways to offer goods and services to their new business operations that don’t involve consumers going inside a building. Learn how to successfully implement the concept into your operations, as well as how to use it to build customer relationships. 

How to implement successful curbside pickup 

Build customer loyalty with curbside pickup

Tips for providing alcohol takeout and delivery

Going virtual 

It’s time to get digital if you haven’t already. Whether you’re offering online classes, or just growing your business’s online presence and capability, here are a few helpful guides on the virtual space. 

Best virtual classroom software for small businesses

How to move classes online

How to move your business online

A guide on virtual restaurants and ghost kitchens

Connecting with customers through social media